Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Drawing Board

I recently got an email from Michael, inquiring if I still have the old drawings that I used to post on this blog.
To be honest, a lot of of the art has been lost - the ones that I stored online on website (lost, when my account expired), the graphics that I saved in my local hard drive (lost, after I moved to a new department, with a new computer)... But I was able to found some, browsing through the archieve (points to the right).

Here are links to the old entries with my drawings (that still exist):

Toilet Tale: Discovery
Toilet Tale: Splash
No Sound
The Color Yellow
The Water Nymph
The Goddess of Love
The Forest Lord
Toy Store
Not So Simple
Light Speed

Now looking back... my... I must have a lot of time in my hand... LOL.

Gosh, now days, I'm so freakin' busy... HELP!! I NEED A NEW JOB!!!!


Jay said...


I loved your drawings! They really are special and illustrate your adventures so well.

They should be animated with a voice over. They'd garner a huge following on YouTube and you'd become even more famous. And then I could tell everyone I know you, prove it from our photo shoot, but not be able to make any money off it since you didn't do any nudes.

hugs, peace & love

Lizette said...

Thanks for bringing those back!!! Love the drawings :)

Wayne said...

Nudes. Now you got me thinking...

Michael Guy said...

These drawings had me rolling a few years ago; needless to say: I've been absent from your commentor posse.

Thanks for the links!