Friday, February 25, 2005


Those of you who are in New York knows. Those of you who are outside of New York, maybe have heard about this on the news.

Last night, it snowed.

Right before I leave work, I took a peek out side of the window...

Sometimes, there are so many beautiful things made by nature.

The snow, for example.

Looks like pieces of thin cotton floating down from the sky.

Slow and Gentle... The snow flakes landed on the edge of the window...

And sat there among with other snow flakes.

It was rather romantic.

And I have never noticed, how the street light would make fresh snowed road sparkle like glitter.

I've never really walked on the street during the snow fall. (I usually went out after the snow had stopped)

The snow that covered the road were very soft.

Like walking on the clouds.

It felt like I was walking in the desert... Except the sands were white...

It was very soothing...

The snow felt like multiple kisses as they land on my face.

Totally made me feel like a fairy.

But all of the sudden, the wind got stronger...

The soft friendly snow became little pointy needles... slashing my eyes...

"Oh, HOW COLD!!!" I yelled in my head.

What's up with the sudden change?!

Summoned up all my positive energies... I prayed... P prayed to Mother Nature... To slow down the wind... and let me enjoy this beautiful winter once again.

But I guess Mother Nature didn't give a sh*t. One strong blow from up the alley, sent my body flying.

I fell backward.

And that "UHHH" sound I made was pretty loud. I scared myself. (I think I drooled too)

I'd never expect a nasty boar-like sound would come out of my mouth.

I was aware that there were people around me... And I didn't want them to blog about me the next day...

I must get up! I thought.

Pulling myself back up, I spread my arms... To fight off the wind.

Then I took two steps forward...

My flat-bottom boots gave up.

It was the first time, I ever had the snow facial.

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