Friday, August 01, 2008

Casting For Music Video: Looking For Gay/Lesbian Couple/Single Actors

Looking for a gay or lesbian couple to star in Music Video/Short Film. Single actors are welcome as well, but must be comfortable with intimate (not sexual)same sex interaction.

Film is about the pending legalization of Gay Marriage in the U.S. and presents a day in the life of a gay/lesbian couple who decide to get married.

Filming will take place over one weekend and will be shot in Brooklyn and Manhattan with a possible scene shot on Long Island.

We cannot pay, but food and travel will be covered. Also offering the opportunity to star in a film that is a positive statement about gay/lesbian couples, gay rights, and the universal qualities of love. DVD & Credit will also be provided.

Director is a talented young director who recently shot a feature film set to hit the festival market later this year.

Please reply with availability, acting experience, and a head shot/photo if possible.

Please also direct any questions to:

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