Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Me and My Leg 2: Focus!

One thing about crutches, is that they are more difficult to use than what I expected.

On TV, I've seen so many great actors walking across the town with ease, with the crutches. I mean, they are not bad at first, but after 15 minutes of intense crutching... The pain really digs deep into the arms. Perhaps, it is that I'm very out of shape, that I couldn't support my own body weight with the crutches.
Plus the weight I gained during my first week of injury (eating, sitting, sleeping, doing nothing), I am not having the time of my life with the crutches.

The first day was okay. With the energy that I stored for a week really kicked it. But within less than 1 mile of traveling from home to the local bank... I burnt all of it. Then the pain started to build up... Even after a good night of sleep, my arms would be sore as hella... It seemed that my energy couldn't recover in time to face the next day. Every morning, crutching to the train station, I would end up covered in sweat. After work, crutching to the train station, I ended up panting like a dog.

Another important thing about using crutches, is that I have to make sure the crutch-head landed on a flat-surface, hole-less area before swinging my body forward.
Therefore, I have to keep my sights on the ground at all time.

My left eye would focus on my left-crutch, and my right would focus on the right.

Anyway, I went to see my Lawyer yesterday during lunch time. My sister came with me as well. We had to walk several blocks to get to the [4] & [5] subway station. (That means, up the hill, down the hill, through the construction areas, though the endless sea of rude people...) By the time we reached the site of the accident (where I broke my ankle), I was one tired sweaty beaver.

But everything went smoothly. The female love bird called the lawyer, he came, and took some pictures. Later, I filled out some forms up stairs (yeah, I climbed up) and had a good talk with him... And that was it.

Then it was time for us to get back.

And my arms were burning.

After I climbed down the stairs, I was really, pissed at the entire incident. I was tired, and still had to rush back to work.

The female love bird ranged the service door.

The lady in the token booth looked at me for a bit, then signaled the female love bird that the door had been opened.

Summoned up my energy, I walked though it.

I guess I was too busy complaining to myself about my leg... I wasn't looking on the ground.... And didn't realize my left-crutch head landed on top of a used Metro Card.

Within a split second, I felt my left arm leaned forward and my left foot back. The crutches went flying as my body collapsed on the dirty tile floor.

I'd probably made a loud noise. The female love bird turned around and saw me on the ground. She rushed toward me.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

I couldn't talk at that moment. There was a sharp pain striking within my already-broken ankle.

I hope I didn't make it worst, I thought.

Moaning in pain, I tried to lift myself up.

"Here, let me help!" She said.

After I lifted my chest off the ground, I told her...."Wait...Hold on."

There was too much pain. I wanted to wait until my blue foot was more stabilized before making any more movements.

At the same time, 2 people came over and asked if I was okay.

"I'm okay. I'm okay." I mumbled.

Slowly, pulling on the metal door, I lifted myself up.

"No rush. Take it slow. Wait until you are ready." The female love bird said.

Then one of the guys said too a step closer to me. With a big smile on his face, he said...

I wanted to shovel my crutch up his a$$.

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