Monday, November 22, 2004

Book Review: The Forest Lord

Serious, I've never expect that a pretty cover would lead me in finishing up to 6 Romantic novels in ONE months. I have ordered more than dozen of used books off Even the female love bird was amazed how I have become a book worm. (If she only knew what KIND of books that I have been reading)

The Forest Lord
by Susan Krinard

Deep in a forest of Regency England dwells The Forest Lord-and there he dwells alone. A living legend, the powerful Green Man of yore has but one chance to escape his forest prison and one hope for love-the very woman he has vowed to destroy...

On day... Dad went to the forest hunt.

The little fox that he was chasing ended being the Forest Lord.

Being the last of his kind on Earth, the Forest Lord needed an offspring. To carry on the sacred blood.

So, he made a suggestion.

In exchange for his life, Dad promised to give his daughter to the Forest Lord.

Then after 18 years, the little girl has all grown up. The sexy Forest Lord arrived at her house in the identity of her cousin. (Of course, Dad helped him out on this)

After dating for a couple of months, they couple decided to get married. Dad, on the hand, felt extremely guilty for "selling" his daughter to the handsome Forest Lord. So, the day after the wedding night, he poisoned The Forest Lord.

Poisoned, the fabulous Forest Lord lost his magic. His true form was reveled in front of his wife.

Years passed. The girl was later re-introduced as a fully grown curvy woman. She had escaped and re-married to a rich man in at other city. But, the rich-man never really loved her. And after a few pages, the rich dude died from some sickness.

In need of money and a new environment. The girl decided to move back to her home town.

Then, she found out that her son is alive. (Well, long story. It goes back to early chapters)

Words spread like crabs. The Forest Lord learned the return of his ex-wife... He plotted a deadly revenge... On the one who betrayed him.

So, he shape-changed himself into a drop dead gorgeous hunk, who knows how to tame wild horses.

And after a couple chapters, the evil Aunt discovered his identity and...

shot him.

Due to the material of the special bullet, the Forest Lord couldn't use his magic to heal his would.

The bullet drained all the energy away from his body.

But their son is in danger.

The girl was nervous.

"What can I do to help?" She asked.

His voice shaken, blood pouring out of his lips... He said...

After several pages of steamy sex scene on a death bed, the Forest Lord became well. (Sexual Healing?)

In order for him to travel in speed of light, he had to resume his original form.

He did. And she loved it. (Bestiality?)

And he got their son back.

Some money too.

Then her Dad showed up.

(Her Dad magically disappeared in the early chapters. We all assumed he's died.)

And the evil Aunt found her honey at the end.

Then Homer rode an Alpaca across the desert.

Love changes everything.

The End.

Disclaimer: The above reviews are solely based on MY personal perspective. They do *not* represent the actual story line of the book. (So, Susan, in case you are reading this, doesn’t be pissed, okay?)

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