Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Me and My Leg V: The Water Nymph

When I first announced the news about my foot to my friends, Other than "How did it happen?" - the other question they asked, was "How do you take showers?"

Well, the answer is... "No. I don't take showers."

Bath, is the solution for someone like me.

Sponge-bath myself with the sink is just not my style. I mean, at this time of the year, its freaking cold sitting on the toilet naked.

Being a bath lover since birth, I have all kinds of products that I can add to the bath water. Heck, I even made my own mix of bath salt. Every time, after I took a bath, I felt like a nymph. Surrounded by bubbles and gayest floral scent... I was the Queen of my own Queendom.

However, due to the fact that I cannot use my right foot for support, I decided not to use any soapy products that will make my blue-foot bath time a living hella.
I used simple Epsom Salt instead. (Epsom salt helps to increase the blood circulation in your body.)

I would sit on the toilet first, and take off my clothes.

I'd also put my towel on top of the toilet tank cover.

Getting into the bathtub can be quite tricky. Since I couldn't apply any weight on my right foot, I'd had to rely on my crutch, and THAT bar on top of the tub.

I would grab onto the bar with my right arm, and hold onto the crutch with my left. Applying forces on both side, I'd lift myself up.

It wasn't easy as it seemed. It requires a great deal of balance.

Once my left foot is in the tub, I'd grab onto the top bar with my right hand. To avoid falling, I'd lead my head against the wall for support... And at the same time, I placed the crutch against the wall out side of the tub for later use.

I'd usually started out with lukewarm water, so I won't burn my good leg.

Slowly, I move my body around, facing the wall. Then, applying my body weight on my left foot... I'd lower myself into the rose scented bath water. (Oh, ha-ha, I forgot to mention, I mixed the salt with rose essence oil.)

After a brief break, then I would start my usual "cleaning" process with my ivory color sponge.

First, I'd sit up straight by placing my elbows at the edge of the bathtub. By applying more pressure on them, I managed to keep my upper body up and lifted.

Then I would scrub my good leg...then arms...and chest...the neck area....

After those areas have been nicely scrubbed... (Oh yeah, I'm currently using The Body Shop's Oh-See-Anus Soap-Free shower gel) I would semi-lift myself up again... Use my left leg for support...and scrub other areas.

Back sitting down in the tub, I spread my left leg to the other side of the tub, so it kept my centered and balanced. That's where I use my free hands to shampoo my hair. (Product of the Day: Nioxin Shampoos and Conditioner, for thinning hair...)

To rinse off the soapy, I then held my breath, and lay my body down into the tub.
(Uh, no. Don't open your eyes.) The easiest way to do it is to lift my blue-foot. With its weight, it totally pushed my body down underneath the water.

Followed by the truly relaxing moment, of letting myself relax and feel the warmth of the water entering my body.

But never soak in bath water for more than 30 minutes. (Usually 20 is maximum) Because the bath water (with all kinds of chemicals) can really damage the surface of our skin.

I started to drain the water by pulling the tub-plug. Then, I'd reach for the towel that I placed on top of the toilet.

Always, wipe the face dry first. Because if any of the water gets into the eyes, I would loose my concentration, which could result in me falling back into the tub.

Then I would wipe my right leg dry... To make sure that after I stood up (with the left leg) - no water will flow into my cast.

Getting out of the tub is trickier than going in. To support my body weight, I would extend my good leg out first, and then with both of my arms... I would grab onto the side...and slowly raise myself up... and out.

Once I was half-way up, I would lay my head on one of the crutches, as I grab the towel and lay it nicely on top of the toilet seat...

At all time, kept my blue foot dry.

Then I would dry myself while sitting on top of the toilet seat naked.

Before putting on any clothes, I would use hand soap and the water from the sink, to wash the toes that were not covered by the cast.

I may not be the most graceful Water Nymph, but at least my a$$ is clean.

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