Monday, May 02, 2005


I must have over-worked myself this weekend. Instead of getting the rest that I needed, I ventured out on various of event. From the screening of my friend's Indie film to doing extra works for two projects. (Back to Back)

I know, I'm insane. But you all knew that.

On Sunday, I managed to catch the train on time - so I didn't have to wait another 40 minutes for the next train home.

Once I sat my tire-a$$ down on the seat - I melted.

I was tired.

Very tired.

Exactly. So tired.

But my energy was low like that, no Romantic Novels can really keep myself from falling asleep on the train.

Sometimes, it helps to have some eye candies in the same cabin - at least, I will be able to focus on someone and have multiple dirty thoughts about him.

However, I wasn't too fortunated this past weekend. The late night train didn't have much candies. So, I had to use plan B.

What is Plan B?

You know how sometimes, two trains would run parallel to each other?

And you get to see the passengers in the other train?

That's exactly what plan B is about.

I would sit up, and make faces at the passengers on the other train.

Like, being all excited and save my hands... Greeting the strangers.

Or pull my cheek (facial) back, and make faces.

Or totally Queen-Out.

And sometimes, I would be a little more dramatic with my performance...

(hands banging on the window)

Or something more relaxing. Like moving my arms up and down like a bird.

Or dirty.

But on Sunday, there weren't any train that ran along side of the one I was on.

So, I fell dead-asleep.

And missed my stop.

Crap. I did it again.

But instead of calling the Taxi - I decided to walk home. (Not enough $$$ in my wallet)

Took me exactly 43 minutes to get home this time.

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