Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Not So Simple

Tired of the continous photoshop work on whitening my teeth in every other photo, I've started my ultimate teeth whtiening routine since the beginning of the month.

Okay, I have a bottle of Simply White at my office. Which, I use on my teeth twice a day at my desk. Once after breakfast, and once before I leave work.

Oh, of course, at home, I would still use the Whitening Gel in the morning shower. (The sh*t doesn't work - I'm just trying to finish up the entire bottle) And once in a while, I'd use Simply White Night before I go to bed.

(Huh? My gum? Oh, they're dead long time ago from pre-oxide over dose)

Anyway, this one afternoon, I stayed a little late at work.

After I sipped the last drop of tea from my cup, I started to apply Simply White on my teeth.

Remember to wipe your teeth clean before applying the gel.

It is important that I must not missed any dark corners. Especially the between-the-teeth areas. And always wait until the gel are dry, before closing the lips.

I thought I was alone... But...

I forgot that after the working hour was the cleaning lady's prime time.

She saw me using the little brush applying the gel on my teeth.

Drooling (I couldn't close my lips, had to wait for the gel to dry) - I smiled. And waved.

For an old lady of her age, of course she'd be curious about anything and everything. Especially something she had never used before.

Being a promotor of beauty products. I showed her the bottle.

See? This? You must seen the commercial or saw it at the drug store. I thought.

But she was very quiet.

I guess she didn't recongize the bottle.

So, I decided to tell her.

She looked clueless (or scared).

Perhaps, she needed more explaination.

So I...

I must have sounded funny or that I was constantly drooling, the cleaning lady looked at me with the most unusual expression.

She looked at me.

I looked at her.


Like nothing ever happened.

Weird. Instead of turning white, my REAL teeth are turning transparent. And the dentures stayed soy-milky white.

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