Friday, September 24, 2004

The Color Yellow

I have a thing for public restroom. That is, I would avoid using them unless necessary.

Especially at a public place, like the Train Station or at the Air Ports. Just imagine the international Pees and Poos that goes in and out of the toilet/urinal, is already enough to send chills up my anus.

The Long Island Rail Road - I took the train almost every day. It's my main transportation to the city. And, they too, have restrooms on the train.

In 2 years, I have never used the restroom on the train. Mainly, because of the horror things that I have seen flooding out of the restroom door. And the disgusting aroma that haunts the passengers who sat within the range.

Sometimes, I just don't understand why would people want to make a mess in the public restroom?


Two weeks ago... I drank too much tea at work, that on my way back, I really had the urge to pee.

I tried to hold it until I get home... But it was too intense for me to handle.

Cold sweat started to flood my neck... My body was shaking... My knees weak... And my lower tummy area felt it was going to explode at anytime.

Without any choices, I stood up and walk toward the restroom.

The restroom was probably filled with sh*t, I thought. Maggots and Flies all over the place... And the floor was probably sticky from ancient Pee and other unknown substances.

By the time I reached the restroom, I was so scared to open the door.
I held my breath, and prepared not to inhale as much as Poo-Air as possible.

Summoned up all my courage, I reached forward, grabbed the door handle, and PULL...

And... I saw...

A very clean restroom.

It was so clean, that the metal walls reflect my image as if they mirrors.
I must have got really lucky. That the train was fresh-out of the service yard... Where they have already cleaned the train before sending it to the station.

So, I proceed to do my business.

I was expecting the release of my toxin would make me feel 'alive.'
But the thrill was totally taken by Clean Restroom surprise. So, I didn't felt anything. (Still in the shock of the cleanness)

During my de-Toxic process, the train suddenly became very 'shaky.'

I almost lost my balance.

Must have been a rough track.

A VERY rough track, it had to be. Because the entire train was bumping up and down.

I tired my best, to maintain my balance, so I won't fall into the toilet.

Yet, I couldn't stop my de-toxin process, because if I did, I would have pissed on my pants.

Once the mini-artificial waterfall started to flow, you've got to let it flow until the end of a complete cycle.

The entire train was shaking.

It was so bumpy, I almost slammed against the wall.

Reaching out both of my arms, I balanced my body, just enough to ensure that I was still standing, and still aiming at the toilet.

But I guess I wasn't as good as I thought.

The bumpy track was so bumpy, that I ended up being bumped.

Finally, the train came to a nice smooth section on the track. As if, an earthquake had stopped.

The settle sounds of the moving train resumed its chords.

And I resumed my balance.

I didn't even realize that during that chaotic period, I've finished peeing.

Looking down, I found that I didn't pee on my pants. So, that was good news.

But... soon, I saw the scenery in front of me...

The metallic toilet was covered, in pee.

My Pee, to be specific.

Along with the cover, the edge, and some of the wall in the back.

All marked by my pee.

I looked around for toilet papers.

There were none.

All I can found, was a roll of wet-towels for hands.

I felt bad, I felt really bad for creating such a mess in the restroom.

But there weren't enough resources for me to use to clean the place.

Then, the room started to stink...

And I didn't want anyone to know that I generated those pees.


I walked out of the restroom, with a SMILE on my face. Pretended that nothing happened.

I went back to my seat, grabbed my bag, and ran into another cabin.

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