Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Light Speed

For some reason, the elevators at work have been running pretty slow lately.

Perhaps the company hired more people.

Or the elevators are getting old.

So, there I was, in an elevator with two other strangers.

We were both eager to get off work... But the elevator was so damn slow.

The two of them must be co-workers. The entire time, I'd noticed that they were talking crap about their work.

But I could careless. I just wanted to go home.


My lips felt dry, so, I took out my lip balm, and applied some of the salve on my lips.

I used my finger, of course.

I guess they never seen a GUY (aka, MALE) using one of those Dip-Your-Finger-Into-Lip Balm Jar-And-Then-Rub-It-On-Your-Lips lip salve. From the reflection of the metallic elevator door, I saw the two strangers looking at me - eyes wide opened.

Then one of them turned to another. Whispered something. While whispering, I could see their eyes glancing at me... and back... and again... and back.

They were talking about me.

I was pissed.

***Attention: B*TCH MODE ON!***

I turned around and asked.

"Are you two talking about me?! If so, I've got something to tell you."

"Just what does it matter how I apply the lip balm? As long as we can achieve the same end result, who-cares if the lip balm is applied with the finger or if it's Rose scented!"

Then my work-habit kicked in.

"Just like how we design the systems. Who cares how much programming is involved? Or the different types of technology we use? As long as we get the result.... That's all it matters!"

Maybe there were limited of fresh air in the elevator, or that I had my mouth opened too wide --- I had the urge to yawn.

I tried to fight it.

I fought really hard... But... I couldn't force my mouth to remain closed.

So I yawned.

I yawned big.

It was so big, I didn't notice that I was drooling, until the bottom of the drool landed on my lower lip.

And of course, they saw it.

They saw everything.

I turned.

I turned from them.

I had to.

That was so not Princess-que.

Totally, un-Sass.

SH*T, I couldn't believe I did that in public.

I was so embarrassed.

From the reflection, I saw the two went into a hard-core whispering session.

There was nothing I can do.

I don't own a time machine for me to turn back the time.

I couldn't swan-kick them to death, because there were cameras in the elevator.

So, the only thing I could do was...

Light-speed-ed out of the elevator as soon as the door opens.

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