Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Eyes On Me

I have been wanting to write this entry yesterday, but was over loaded with work and stress... So, I decided to slack off right now, and write this entry.

This happened on Monday, where I stayed late until 9:35 PM at work.

There's only one thing I like about the new office building, is that in every elevator, there's a tiny plasma television.

Aside from random news, stock market stuff, weather forecast... Sometimes, it will even up pop some trivia’s and jokes... It is a very neat feature that they have for this building. It made my work *slightly* enjoyable.

Anyway, on Monday night, with dark circles under my eyes, I walked toward the exit right after I stepped out of the elevator...

Just before I passed front counter, where our lazy securities hang out... I noticed that....

There are many tiny TV screens lined up behind the counter.

They have Cameras in this place?!

So, on one of the TV screens, I saw myself, standing in the middle of the hallway... Another glance with other screens... I saw the other hallway... and then the interior of each of our elevators.

What?! Every elevators have their own CAMERA?!

Does that mean the securities saw...

Me yawning loud and clear every morning...

I mean, sometimes when I'm alone in the elevator, there would be a sense of privacy where no one will see what you are doing. It'd be just me, and my own reflection off the metal door.

If they saw me yawning, then they probably saw me doing my exercises too...

Since my back hurts like hell (blame it at work) - I'd usually bend my upper body forward to stretch out my tail bone...

And of course, once I bent forward, I've got to go the other way as well.

And they probably also saw me when I do my daily 5 seconds celebrity impersonation...

Hell, they probably even saw me picking my nose.

...................... Oh well. It's not like I'm going to stop doing all that.


So I marched on-ward and went home.

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