Friday, April 01, 2005

Quick Update

Once again, I was left speech-less when I saw this. I mean, who would have imagine there are so many types and design?!

It's kinda amazing, isn't it?

But can our butt really tell the difference?

And... Have you seen this?

Damn, what a hot transformer!! Man, I love the way he moves. (I always have a thing for dancers)

Some of you might have heard, but the beautiful Supermodel Heidi Klum launched her own line of.... Candies.



So, with all the hype, I went out and bought all 3 different flavors. (Thinking if I aet this for breakfest, lunch, and dinner, I could become the next Victoria's Secret Top model)


For the love of chicken. these were the most disgusting cr*p I have ever tasted in my mouth.

Aside from it's mud-like texture, the candy itself is f**kin' sweet. On top of that, the sh*t sticks on your teeth like a bunch leech sucking the life out of you.



Anyway, thanks to my friend FANNY, who totally inspired me do what I have been doing...

Making Bracelets.

Right. Semi-Gemstone bracelets.

(Oh, I didn't make this. But my end product will be similiar... Expect I'll use gemstones and silver and gold...No plastic or cheap glass beads... You know, everything will have to be glamours...)

And I'm going to sell them online...and get my money back... (I went shopping crazy and spent sh*t load of money on beads, wires, and tools) --- Watch out, Martha, another domestic Diva is on the rise!! (Or host an On-Line Bracelet Making show while wearing this?)

Hrm. That's it, I think.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Jess!!! I just got an e-vite for a Birthday Orgy at his house tonight. Did you get one?

Right. April fools.


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