Friday, March 25, 2005

Night Songbird

Believe it or not, I'm on my 4th week of my Singing class.

Yep. You read it right.

A SINGING class.

Wayne is singing.

Me, that's right.

Singing with the stereotypical Gay Asian High-Pitch voice.

Right. That's me.

I have never liked how my voice sounds. My own voice mail recording sent troop of ants up my bare back. Heck, I remember there was one time that I got diarrhea right after I heard my own voice via a computer recording.

It's funny, how Mom used to comment on how beautiful the Female Love Bird sounds... And for me, it was like..."Huh, you are accurate on the keys."
Even at karaoke, friends commented on good song choice instead of how my voice sounds.

Remembering (too many) years ago, when I was in my Musical Theater class... It was the most exciting class throughout my College years. I took it, because it was one of the requirements for the Theater Minor. I knew that I wasn't born a songbird --- But I forced myself to take the class... And to my surprise, everyone was supportive of each other. There were really talented singers in my class. (Damn, we've got Jazz style singers, great musical performers -- and kick a$$ Opera-que divas) Being among those wide range of singers, and practice the same scales... I actually felt good. I had more confidence in myself... More like, I love myself more. (Aside from touching myself, of course)

Anyway, recently I've decided to take a singing class. Not necessary to become a singer... But I'm just trying to find that confidence that I once had.

So, last night, I was practicing a song for the class...

Last night --- was more like, 11:30PM. I took the advantage that the Female Love Bird went out for a drink with the Male Love Bird.

I started to sing acapella in the living room several times... Then suddenly, I heard a big bang on the wall (or the ceiling).

As if Diana Ross all of the sudden took over my body...

I screamed with the microphone in my hand: "Don't you F**KING INTERRUPT ME!!! A$$HOLE!!!!!!!! (echo echo echo...)"

Then I continued to sing for the next 40 minutes without any interruption.

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