Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thief of the Night III

Part I
Part II


"I'm your MASTER!"


Wayne wanted to scream as he prepares to whip Detective Ray with the belt.

Then, all of the sudden, he felt something wet.

His palm was wet.

"Holly Molly!! What did..." Wayne gasped as he shines the flashlight at Stanley's groin. The lower half of his pants was soaked in wetness.

"You freakin' Pissed!!"

Wayne took a few steps back.


Stanley glared at Wayne.

"You....!!!!" Wayne wiped his hands against his thigh..."Eeeeeek!!"

I need to go wash my hands.

I need it now.

I need to wash my hands.

Damn it!


Wayne panics. The only way out of the bookstore was though the front entrance, which, is blocked by the chained up Detective Ray.

The more Wayne thought about the urine on his hands, the more he wanted to free himself from the prison he created.

"Un...Untie your self!" Wayne barked at Detective Ray.

"How?" The blushing detective asked.

"I'm not touching' you." Wayne hissed.

"Fine. Let it be."

Wayne turned his body and started to walk toward the back of the store.

Lack of sufficient of light source, Wayne failed to see the roll of tape in front of his foot.

The sound of PHEW was soon followed by a Bang, as Wayne slipped and fall onto the floor. The back of his head smashed against the tiled floor.

"Wayne?" Detective Ray whispered.

"You okay?" He whispered again.

Wayne, flat on the floor, remained silent.

Stanley struggled, tried to free himself from the bondage.




He let out of sight. He couldn't free himself.

From exhaustion, he closed his eyes and allowed his body to sleep.

Next day.

Early Morning. Detective Stanley Ray was found tied to the bookstore gate along with the body of amber haired Wayne. (Right. This Wayne is not the Wayne!)

"Toxic Urine killed Midnight Thief" was the headline printed on the cover of local paper. The media, questioned Stanley Ray on how he managed to trap the thief, and what he ate the night before to produce the killer urine. Detective Stanley Ray became an over night sensation.

He went on talk shows, made appearances in commercials and magazine covers. The instant fame brought him the wealth that he had never expected. Shortly after, he quit his job with the Police Department and opened his own Private Eye agency.

Two years after, on a Wednesday afternoon. Stanley Ray sat in his office, reviewing the new cases that he got in the morning.

A knock from the door alarmed him.

He placed the documents in the drawer and answered..."Come in."

Door opened.

A man stood at the door way.

Stanley Ray gasped.

"I... You... I..."

The man took off his hat, a glaze of garnet shines over his amber hair, as he walked passed the dime office light. He sat himself down in front of Stanley, with a grin on his face.

"I want you to find The Paper Tiger for me." asked the man.

Stanley smiled.

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