Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Thief of the Night Part II

Okay, before I get to the story... I'm going to full-fill your request.

And... Please... I'll need help identifying some names as well...

From the left, we have Moo Moo, Traveling SpotLight, TunaGirl, Bonnie, CJ69, and the back of 1000 Words' head.

Then we have the back of Tinmanic's head, 1000 Words, 1/2 of Traveling Spotlight's face, and The Executive.

Then we have Wayne, Country Boy and Crash.

Here we have Traveling Spotlight, TunaGirl, The Executive and ??? (BLOG URL?).

Hot Toddy lifting Jere's legs up. (I'm innocent. I don't know anything)

Here we have Splenda and Bokey on the train.


Part I

"Detective Ray! What... What are you doing?!"

Stanley Ray, continues to unbutton his shirt.

Sense the fire in his eyes, Wayne realized that his fantasy is about to come true. Reaching down, he started to unto his belt.

Stanley pulled off his shirt... Revealing the fine cut muscular arms. The white tank top, fit perfectly against his lean defined body, like another layer of his skin. The scent of this man, quickly filled the bookstore. Wayne inhaled every bit of his man... His heart continues to pump blood down to his lower body...

"Wayne..." Stanley leaned forward.

Feeling the eraction underneath his latex pants, Wayne sat up and faced Stanley.

"Shouldn't we... I mean... Why don't we head to the Mattress department?"


"Well, I mean... It's kind of uncomfortable here..." Wayne looked down on the floor.

"It doesn't matter." Stanley reached for his flash light.

Without giving it too much thought, Wayne quickly removed his shirt.

Suddenly, Stanley turned his flash light toward himself, right onto his chest.

"See this?" He asked.

"Huh...?" Wayne was about to unzip his pants.

"See this scar?"

Wayne took a closer look at Detective Ray's chest.

"Right. A big scar."

"I want to get rid of it."

"Uh, alright. It looks fine with me. As a matter of fact, it kind of turns me on." Wayne reaches for Stanley’s tank top.

"Well, I'm too embarrassed to go see a Dermatologist... Any suggestions how I could get rid of this?"

Wayne paused.


"I'm asking you how I can get rid of this scar."

Wayne sat back down.

"Well, Detective, you can find a lot of scar-soothing lotions on local drug store. If the cashier asked, you can simply say that you are buying it for your wife."

"What brand?"

"Well, there's the Palmer's Scar Serum. It’s best that you apply it to your skin after shower. Use circular motion and rub the serum into your skin. Let it dry before you apply any body lotions. The serum contains Vitamin E...And... Wait... Is this the reason that you tricked me out tonight?"

"You're the only person that I can ask..."

Upset, Wayne turned his upper body around and wept.

"Wayne, what's wrong?"

Stanley crotched forward... Then with the speed of light, Wayne gave him a deadly back-thrust kick and knocked Stanley back.

The impact sent Stanley's body backward...


Stanley' head collide against the edge of the book shelf, and fell unconscious.

"Pffft. Silly rabbit, you think I would let this opportunity slip?" Wayne whispers under his devilish grin.

Wayne bent down to check if there are any serious injuries on Stanley.

Muhahhahahahaahhaa... Wayne couldn't hold his excitment. He pulled the bookstore gate down on, and chained it to the ground.

He looked over to the fallen Stanley.

Muhahahahaahahaha... This is going to be one sizzling night... He thought.

Wrapped his arms around Stanley’s chest, he dragged him toward the entrance. The firm chest felt so good under Wayne's finger.

You're mine... Muahhaahhahahahaa....

Then he tied Detective Ray's arms and legs to the gate with plastic straps. (The thing that people tie bundle of books with)

Wayne, stood in front of Stanley, admiring the captured beast.

A beautiful beast.

"Come on, baby, time for you to wake up."

Wayne walked up to Stanley, and places his right hand firmly around Stanley's masculine jaw.

"uh......." He moaned.

"Look what I've captured, Detective."

Wayne licked Stanley's lips.


Wayne sinks his tongue deeper and parts the lips...


Wayne bites down on Stanley’s lower lips.

His body jerked to the pain. Stanley opened his eyes. Shocked, he moved his body forward as if he was about to knock Wayne onto the floor.

Wayne jumped back.

CLING... Cling...

The gate vibrates to Stanley's struggle...


"Never underestimate the power of Plastic." Wayne said.

"Let go of me!!"

"I will. After I'm done having some...FUN with you."


Wayne threw a punch at Stanley.

"Bastard. Hush!!" Then he stuffed his spare blue froggy boxer into Stanley’s mouth.

"I can't kiss you, but at least I can use my tongue on other parts of your body." Wayne winked at the struggling creature.

Wayne reached down and pulled Stanley’s belt off.

To be Continued...

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