Friday, December 10, 2004

Phone Memory III

My, it has been YEARS since I last received a prank call.

But, yesterday at work, someONE called me on my cellphone.

Wayne: "Hello?"

Female Voice: "Hello...*static* *static*...May I speak to...*static* *static*"

Wayne: "I can't hear you."

Female: "Who is this?"

Wayne: "...Wayne."

Female: "WENG? OKay, Hi Weng....*static* *static* I'm a sales representative... And I was wondering if you are interested in a voo *static* *static* *static* Doe."

Wayne: "I'm sorry? I didn't get what you just said."

Female: "I said, would you be interested in a VooDoo Dildo."

Wayne slowly got up from his chair, and closed the door.

Wayne: "A VooDoo Doll?!"

Famale: "A..*static* *static* Doe."

Wayne: "Uh, No thank you."

Female: "*static* *static* *static* *static* La?"

Wayne: "The static is realy bad. No thank you."

Women: "Okay...."

Then there came some voice from the background on the other side of the phone.

Women: "Wait, Wait! Hello Hello?"

Wayne: "Yes?"

Woman: "Well, by the way, just to let you know, you do get a complimentary blow job."

Wayne, with the gayest tone of voice: "Sweetie, you think your milkshake is better tha mine? Well, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. And they're like, GAY. Get it, Sistah?"

*The woman hangs up the phone*

Silly Rabbit, she didn't have her Caller ID Block thingy on... So I saved her number in my cell phone. Hrm, I wonder what I should do with it...

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