Friday, December 03, 2004

The Thief of the Night

With a swift dash, Wayne slide his body though the narrow opening before the gate fully dropped to the ground.

Thank Gawd I didn't have Waffle for breakfast. He thought.

Wayne remained crotched on the ground until the sound of the security cart drifted toward the other side of the building.

Back on his feet, he pulled out a tiny flash light.

Samuraki Mall. Unlike how it was during the day, it was a lot quieter than he expected. Wayne was here earlier today, he toured the entire mall and make mental notes on the location of surveillance cameras and the quickest route to his destination. The tiny flash light provided little help. Soon after his eyes were accustomed to the darkness, he put it back into his waist bag. Moving in the same complete silence with the mall, Wayne allowed his mental map to guide him to the book store.

Yes. The Bookstore. That's exactly what his client wanted. As indicated in the email, Wayne must retrieve the only copy of "The Paper Tiger" from the bookstore.

Why didn't he just go buy it? Wayne questioned when he first read the email from his client. But it was not his job to question the motive of the client. After all, he's getting paid for this job.

It didn't take Wayne too long, before he reached the closed bookstore. With a sly grin on his face, he detached 3 explosives off his belt.

Two tighten at the opposite end of the gate, and one at the top.

Wayne took several steps back... And then upon the press on a button, the explosives let out a tiny "Psssst" sound. The gate fell flat onto the floor.

BOooooooooooooooooOOOoooooM. Boom.

The mall was filled with the echo of the sound made by impact as the gate hit against the marble floor.

RATS! Wayne slammed his palm against his temple.

Damn Stupid! He shook his head.

But at this hour, no one would be patrolling in the mall. Wayne calmed himself down and then proceeds into the store.

With the aid of the tiny flash light, Wayne walked down isle.

Paper Tiger... Paper Tiger... Where are you?

All of the sudden, a beam of flash light shined through the glass window into the store.

Wayne quickly dodged onto the floor, and crawled behind a near by cabinet.

"I know you are here."

Detective Ray stood at the entrance. His piercing blue eyes scanned though the bookstore.

"Surrender yourself, Wayne. You know as much as I do, there's no way out."

There's only one exit to this place is the entrance!! And it's blocked by Ray's tall muscular figure.

Wayne kept his silence.

"Don't make me hurt you."

Detective Ray took another step into the bookstore.

Eyes following Ray's every move, Wayne remained hidden behind the cabinet.

Even with limited source of light, Wayne could still clearly see the 32 years old Stanley Ray by the entrance. He didn't change much since the last time they encountered each other at the Gallery. It was 3 three years ago when Stanley was sent to guard "Victoria's Diamond Panties" from Wayne. His masculine jaw line, broad shoulder and strong muscular arms sent pulses of electric shock though Wayne's back. Hair as dark as midnight, and blue eyes filled with determination made Wayne body rise in temperature. Faintly, Wayne can hear Stanley's heavy breath... It so steady and deep... As if a wolf is hunting for it's prey. A slight groan is mixed with his breath. So sultry... And sexy... I wonder how it would sound if the groan is made from pleasure? Underneath that grey long sleeve shirt, lies that solid chest. Wayne imagined himself smoothing his hands on his chest... Rubbing lower and against his hard nipples... And slowly, lower the hands down, following the treasure

"Found 'The Paper Tiger' yet?"

Wayne woke from his sudden fantasy. It was a TRAP!! He kept his eyes on Detective Ray's flash light.

"And I thought you are smarter than that." said Detective Ray as he walked further into the bookstore.

He reached into his chest and slowly pulled out a gun.

"If you surrender now, I promise that I will not hurt you." He shined the flash light at the 'Sci-Fi' section.

Just before Detective Ray's light reached the 'World History' section, Wayne reached for the thickest book by his shoulder and threw it at him.

The book knocked Detective Ray's gun out of his hand. Recovered from the sudden attach, he bend down and reached for the fallen gun. Without hesitation, Wayne leaped out from the corner and forced his body on Detective Ray.

Wayne kicked the gun out of Stanley’s reach. But within seconds, he felt a force driving from his chest up to his neck.

It's warm...

He reached up to his neck, only to find Detective Ray's firm grip on his throat.

Wayne struggled, but Detective Ray is stronger than him.

"Don't Move! Or else, I'll break your neck."

Breathing slowly, Wayne hung limp under his strong grip.

"Listen... I won't hurt you... But you must promise me that you will not run or fight." His soften his voice.

Wayne nodded his head.

Stanley released his grip... And Wayne fell onto the ground.

"Are you okay?"

Stanley Ray kneeled down and put his hand behind Wayne's back.

Catching up with breath, Wayne turned his head and look at his face.

"This is the only way that I can speak to you... Alone." He reaches for Wayne's hand. And Wayne let him hold his.

So warm... And gentle...

"What... What do you want from me?" Wayne asked.

Stanley moved closer to Wayne. Their faces were only few inches apart. The gentleness in Stanley's eyes melts the guard that Wayne had on him. Body trembling, cold sweats rolled down on his back... Wayne didn't expect this to happen... But... He wasn't scared. He was... excited.

This man is irritable.



Stanley started to unbutton his shirt...

To be continued.

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