Monday, December 06, 2004

Oh, yeah, the photos!

Well, it all started when I RAN and RAN and RAN and RAN and caught the latest train to the city. (I was planning to take an earlier train to the city, so I can make it to the Therapy Bar on time. But... I fell asleep in the bath...tub...)

Anyway, I made it to the bar in one piece. But it was so dark, I couldn't see anyone... (too many pretty eye candies, I was too shy to stare at their pretty faces)

So, desperately, I stood at the entrance, text-messaging Crash. (Hoping that he would tell me where the bloggers are)

Then, suddenly, this gorgeous lady walked though the door.


"OH HI!!!!!"

"I NEED A DRINK" she said.

She dragged me into the bar... And just happened, that all the bloggers were hanging out in the back corner, by the wooden table.

Then I saw him and him and him and him and HER! (YAY)

There's him and him and him and him and him and him and... Ack. I lost count...

Then later in the evening, like a Diva, this guy arrived in style. Hot Toddy style!

We all chatted and chatted and chatted. There were lots of butt rubbing and grinding and touching. (Uh, yeah)

I don't even remember exactly how many butts that I have rubbed mine against. (One good thing about standing right in front of bar counter, is everyone who wants to get a drink, would have to rub their body against mine... Oh baby)

Anyway, words couldn't quite describe that night. So, here are the PICTURES!!
Click Me Click Me!!

(Email me at if you want the full-version, high resolution copies of the photos)

Just an after thought.

Hrm, I'm not much of a bar person... Haven't been too many bars in my life... For some reason, I have been having problem "Opening" up at bars. (No. Not spreading my legs, you sicko!) I hope some of the guys/gals there won't think of me as a quiet cocky stuck up quiet b*tch. I just didn't know what to say... Or how to start a conversation that doesn't involve face care products.

Forgive me, for being shy. Next time, I'll let you rub your crotch against mine... For a fee, that is.

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