Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Conservative Ones...

"Welcome, to ******'s 2004 Christmas Party!!" the DJ raised his voice as he played the next 80's dance track.

Last night, tagging along with my Boss, Manager, and Co-workers, we've arrived at the Hotel, where the department year-end party took place.

Well, it was better than last year. I guess the company got more budgets to invest on entertainment this time of the year.

There were food, drinks, men, women, tables, candle lights... I felt like I was in the middle of a flea market. There weren't enough tables for all the guests; we ended up eating our dinner standing by the cocktail table.

No matter, the food was great. I had three plates of desserts. (YUM!)

Mag, who was born with jumpy feet, was eager to head to the floor.

"Wayne, want to go dance?"


As soon as we stepped onto the dance floor, other people started to populate the empty corners.

No one was willing to be the first one on the floor...

We danced a little, and then my Manager Landy joined us.

The entire time, I couldn't resist but to look at the pretty around me.

And there were so many handsome guys in suit... Just standing there watching the crowd dancing.

Were they SHY?

Do they felt uncomfortable dancing with Co-Workers?

Need another glass of Apple Martini?

There was one particular guy who really caught my eyes. He was about 6'2" tall, dirty blond hair, grey-blue eyes, and broad shoulders and hard chest. His grey suit fits his body like a skin-tight jump suit. (AND HE GOT A$$!!)

The entire time, he stood at the edge of the dance floor, chatting with people. One after another, people seem to know him very well... Yet, from my impression, he was either too shy or just waiting for people that he knows, to drag him onto the dance floor.

Out on the dance floor, I wasn't the only dancing Diva-man. There were several other guys who could really shake their a$$es... There was one dark-skin Middle Eastern guy (VERY HANDSOME) who was constantly dancing with a girl pal... Non-Stop. And there were a couple mature guys that set my gay-dar off like an alarm.
And, of course, there was this 5'8" dark brown hair guy with muscular built body, who constantly walking in and out of the dance floor. He would "pretend" to be checking his cell phone, or "pretend" to be looking for someone among the dancing crowd... But I knew, he wanted to dance. But he didn't know anyone who he can dance with.

(Oh, I know what you are thinking... I was already dancing with Mag!! Besides, I didn't want to OUT myself at work...YET)

But anyway, I was soon distracted by Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" to notice the cute guys anymore. We all danced until we were covered in sweat.

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