Monday, June 30, 2008

Seeing the Color, Seeing the Rainbow.

"Time and Patience are called for, many surprises await you!"

That's what it said on the fortune cooking paper. I almost swallow it by accident.


To be honest, I wans't planning on attending the pride. Not that I don't have pride or anti-social or anything. Just that after the entire dog-biting (Sunday Morning) and b*tch slapping (Saturday Morning) incident, I wasn't in the bestest mood.

Heck, I didn't even go to my audition.

But my friends have made plans to meet in the city - and I'd told him earlier in the week that I will join them after my audition.

So, I went. Along with the 8 band-aids that I have around my fingers. I wore the same green shirt that I wore to the 2006 pride, along with a simliar black-tank top and jeans. Not that I want to re-live the 2006 moment - just that the green shirt is the only thing that I have that is "bright" and "happy." (It is now in the Salvation Army donation bag. It got small. I couldn't button it all the way up.)

On the Rail Road, I noticed there were so many good looking straight-acting guys. All in great moods, drinking beers (in paper bag), wearing butch t-shirts, showing off their buffy arms... Then they all got off the Woodside-station, which is where they took the transfer train to the Baseball game.

They *are* Straight. No wonder they were talking about girls.

The rest the people on the train, were kids. Not small kids. But more like... High-school aged. They were dressed in all funky clothes and accessories. (Reminds me some of the Raver friends I had back in College) - But I didn't want to think about KIDS. Bad memories from Saturday. I went blank stare out the window until train arrived Midtown Manhattan.

Like every other weekend, the city was packed with tourtistas. Did they even know it was the Pride weekend?

I wore my sun glasses and put on my MEAN-Don't-F**K-With-Me-Damn-It-B*tch-Touch-Me-Then-I-Will-F**KIN-Break-Yo-Neck face, and went straight to the subway station that will take me to 52nd and 6th avenue. (The starting point of the parade)

I walked through crowds of Tourists, who had no idea why some New Yorkers are dressing up as Mistresses or Go-Go Boys. They just kept on taking pictures. *Snap* *Snap* *Snap* You New Yorkers are so weird. (I assume they haven't check out the Mermaid Parade - now, let's talk about wild customes)

Soon, I was able to find my friends. To be honest, after all the things that happened over the weekend, it's good to sort of get away from that, and hang with friends. But the entire time, my heart lingers on the doggie... Wondering if he's okay, if he's sad... What if something happened to the apartment while I was away...etc.

Anyway, photo time!

From Left to Right: Al, Ekin, "Fanny," and the most amazing theatre dance & fight choreographer and custome designer, David:

(And the doggie is K.K.)

Guess who saw at the Parade? Can you identify these two lovely men? (At least, from their behinds)

And yeah... I got that "Behind" also:

Despite the very little people representing this organization, they've got a major hottie:

(Those of you who were at the parade, you know what I'm talking about. Everyone was taking pictures of him... the rest of the people in the group just kept their head head and marched on)

That's my friend A.Lee, he's the Dragon-Butt this year.

I didn't know such gruop exists!!

(Did I mention, I grew up in Taiwan?)

She... is so HOT!!!!!!!!!

And Them:

K.K. got nervous - must be the heat!

I didn't stay too long though, I left the parade around 2:20pm. I wanted to catch the 3:08pm train home.
Besides, I could smell the rain in the air. The humidity was really building up.

I said Good bye to my Asian friends, then headed to the subway. And who knew, as soon as I got out of the 34th Street Station, it was POURING like CRAZY.

*GASP* I thought...

What would happen to the DRAGON?!

Oh well, there wasn't anything that I could do...


Jon said...

I didn't do the parade this year since I was at the office, but it seemed lower key this year for some reason. I was in the east village that night at a gay bar, and I'm sure most other people were in the west village or chelsea.

I read your previous post, and I would have been so PISSED off at those kids who slapped you! It's time like that when you need pepper spay ;-)

Jess said...

Nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

And I think Ekin is my favorite. Can you tie a ribbon on him and drop him off? ;)

Wayne said...

Haha Jess, why don't you visit his blog? :) lots of pictures and videos there.

Jay said...

Great pics from Pride, Wayne. Too bad we don't have a parade here in Manila. The night of the white parties we had torrential rains and decided to stay home rather than arrive at a club in wet grime.

It is so good to read your blog entries again! I've always enjoyed your posts. I just made it to my 100th myself!

peace & love