Monday, July 16, 2007

Raspberry Decision

Red Raspberry was used by colonial Americans as an astringent. They used an infusion of the root bark and applied it to the sore eyes. The fresh fruit of Red Raspberry was used for dissolving tartar on the teeth. The leaves may be collected throughout the growing season - they are rich in vitamin C and contain astringent qualities due to their high tannin content. Red raspberry leaves have been used by women for centuries as a support to the reproductive system, especially during pregnancy. When used after birthing, it can decrease uterine swelling and minimize postpartum hemorrhaging. This herb is beneficial in normalizing blood flow during menstruation and reducing painful menstrual cramps. Red Raspberry supports the reproductive system by strengthening the tissues of the womb, increasing lactation and easing nausea caused by morning sickness. It also cleanses and prepares breasts for a pure milk supply for the nursing infant by cleansing and purifying the blood. The Raspberry fruit is fragrant, containing a crystallizable fruit-sugar, a fragrant volatile oil, pectin, citric and malic acids, mineral salts, and water. Raspberry leaves and fruit can benefit visual acuity when used for a period of time. It also benefits the joints and tendons. Primary chemical constituents of Red Raspberry include flavonoids, alkaloids, organic acids, vitamin C, iron citrate, calcium chloride, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and tannins.
Red Raspberry's astringent properties make it helpful in relieving diarrhea, and its antiseptic properties make it beneficial for treating sore throats and canker sores. Topical applications of this herb have included use as a mouth wash for sores, an eyewash for discharge, a douche for leucorrhoea, and a hair rinse. Raspberry vinegar is an acid syrup made with the fruit-juice, sugar, and white-wine vinegar, and water. This herb even makes a useful gargle for sore throat pain.

So this morning, I spent $7.00 at the Deli store across street, and got myself a small tray of raspberry. They were pre-washed, suppsely. I ate some and some more.
Then, all of the sudden, I noticed something white wiggling it's way out of a raspberry.

Ah, a caterpillar.

I hand-picked it out from the raspberry and put it on the led. Watching it struggling a bit. Then I went and ate the rest of the raspberries.


Jon said...

Yeah, I would have just kept eating them too.

And I'll remember to eat raspberries after I have my next baby :-p

hot-lunch said...

i hope u were wearing a raspberry beret at the time.

i'm a bit more prissy and probably would have shrieked in horror and thrown the entire tray out.

Brechi said...

I liked that story. I'm glad you finished the other raspberries. They are expensive!

GrooveTheory said...


Dantallion said...

nothing like a little protein with your fruit...