Friday, July 20, 2007

Think in his or her shoes

And no, this is not about shoe fetish.

It's about this morning.

Just when the LIRR door closed, and just when the Train started the move foward. It came to a stop.

A lot of the passengers didn't notice, because they were deep sleeping with mouth open. But I noticed. Because I couldn't find a seat, so I stood next to the door.

All of the sudden, driver came out of his cabin (who happened to be a cutie), pulled out his key (I know, I wish he would pull something else out), and unlocked the rear door. (Usually, it's the Conductor's job. But the driver probably saw something we didn't see)

The tinted-window reveled an Asian woman as the door slided open.

Asian woman: "Thank you. I wasn't sure if this is the one..."

Drive: "Yep. It's the one."

Asian woman: "Thank you. Thank you very much!"

The Asian woman stepped onto the train and went to the lower-level to find seats.

This OTHER woman, stood across from me, with her headphones over her head, rolled her eyes and shook her head at me. As if, wanted my agreement on her opinion toward the poor Asian lady.

Like a I give a f**k. I avoided her and looked out of the window.

She tried again. Shaking her head, trying to get my attention.

I turned my head and look at the other window.

She continued to do her shaking, noding, shaking, tsk tsk tsk thingy. So, I turned my head at her direction for 0.25 seconds, let her know that I did acknowledge her presence and what she was trying to do. Then I semi-rolled my eyes, and look back at the window. (Take that, B*tch!)

I bet SHE would act differently if she was locked outside of the train.

Lesson She Learned: Don't mess with Asians.


(Kameron!!! OH Baby!!!)

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TCho said...

i kind of don't understand though. what was that asian woman doing there? she was locked out?

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Say it, Sistah!

Don't mess with Asians!

Wayne said...

tchocho: The asian woman went and sat in one of the seats.

jozjoz: *snaps finger*