Friday, July 13, 2007


So, a friend of mine asked:

"Wayne, what's your type?"

Well, my friend, I type 96 words per minute.

Actually, my friend meant the type of guy that I'd go out on a date with. (Or f**k. Depends on your defination of a 'date')

I have to say, I don't have a particular "TYPE" - If the chemistry sparks, then cherry pops.

But more recently, I have been attracted to the "Scruffy" looking guys.

I blame it on Ryan Reynolds. Ever since he started to grow stachy, he's gotten mucho mucho sexier.

Chris Evan too!!!

Clean cut look:

The bad boy (click to get full size poster):

Then there's Dominic Figlio, who went from this:

to studly hunky sexy Oh-My-Gawd-licious:

See how much hotter he got with fuzzy chin?!

Even with Cute with Chris:

Chris Leavins look much sexier and yummier when he got down and rough:

There's More!! I have been seeing people walking their Scruffies all over the street!!

So Cute!

So Adorable!


And every day, I see David Claver's Rabbit grinning at me, like he was saying "You know you want me. Don't you?"

(I wanna smooch the Rabbit so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I mean...

So Cute So Cute!!!!!!!


Homer said...

I was very disappointed that I wasn't on your list.

Wayne said...

Homie, did you try to click on "Scruffies" ?!

dr.p said...

this post is delightful.

hot-lunch said...

aww, cat videos on YouTube. i could watch those ALL DAY. in fact, I do.

planetbosnyc said...

awwwwwwwww. :)

Angelo said...

i love chris evans...

Shenida Weave said...

Dominic and Chris Evans both qualify as "Anything he f*cking wants!" ;)