Wednesday, June 06, 2007


After almost two months since we last emailed each other. I got an email from the EX (Paw) last night. A pretty simple email on checking to see how I'm doing, quick update on how he's doing, and how he misses me and asked if we can hang out sometimes.

Serioulsy. I don't think we ended on bad term. However, after reading the email, I felt some-what uneasy. Uneasy as in, I have not been thinking about this certain individual for a while and have been focusing on work and stuff - and now, all of the sudden I feel like I've got this emotional burden in my head.

I don't hate the guy. I really don't.

But do I want to see him again? That I don't know.

I'm not quite ready to date again, but definately not with the EX. Once an EX, always an EX. That's how I see it. And it usually takes me a while (years) to really see an EX as a friend. (Of all the Ex's in my life, there's only one whom I can see and chat as a friend... And of course, it was after 1.5 years since we broke up)

I guess I'll follow my instinct.

Besides, I've got other stuff that I need to focus on right now. I will think about the Ex-issue later this month.


Ekin said...

Aww... try not to think too much about it and when it gets annoying, go out for a walk. Count on me to always hold up the, "Go Wayne! You rock!" signs. Hope to see you real soon! (Well at least I know I'll definitely see you on the 16th!)

Robert said...

"Once an ex, always an ex." I couldn't have agreed with you more! 100%!

Reminds me of that song "Unbreak my heart"... I never got the message from that song. ahaha!

Hello Wayne!! xoxo

GuruStu said...

I'm so out of it, I missed the part about Paw. Good luck with the singlehood.

GrooveTheory said...

follow your heart hun.

Potropeluche said...

Well I am sorry to hear that he is an ex but I fully agree. Once an ex always an ex. Live your life and have no regrets. Life is too short. Enjoy the fond memories and move on.

That is what I am doing. So I am taking a dose of my own medicine. Luf, PJ

Planet said...

See you tomorrow, W. :)

Jess said...

If you think he can be a friend eventually, that's good, but take it at your own pace. In the meantime, you can communicate your need for time. "I don't know if I'm ready to 'just be friends' yet. Give me some time, okay?"

Then at least you've been polite while maintaining the space you need.

Angelo said...

hey wayne, i didn't know about the breakup. gawd, that just shows how out of touch we are. i hope you're doing better.

yesterday, june 12, was supposed to be my 5th year together with my own ex.

oh well, shall we start our own "Brokenhearts Club?" hehe!

take care.

Wayne said...

Jess: Thank you for the advice :)

Angelo: Honey, my heart wasn't broken. :)