Monday, December 18, 2006

Do you feel it?

Or rahter, can you feel it?

The Christmas Spirit?

The Sis and I both agree, that for some reason, we don't have as much Christmas spirit compare to the previous year - Or the previous year. Perhaps it's because of things that has been going through our lives.

For the Sis, I know for sure, that she is looking for a change in her life and career in 2007. As for me, well, I think I'm okay with how things are running in my life - just that I'm still having some issues with the whole Danni thing. I don't know, but that basically threw all the excitment I had for Christmas. - On top of that, I'm sick again. Yes. S I C K again. I came to work with a massive headach, and for the entire day I felt like a deflated balloon. (drunk on DayQuil?) *sigh* I'm not even looking forward for the Christmas vacation anymore.

Like, Oh my gawd, I'm becoming Debbiel Downer!!!

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