Tuesday, November 07, 2006

@ Work

Panda Lady: "Excuse Me, Wayne?"

Wayne: "Yes?" (Don't bug me, I'm busy!)

Panda Lady: "Is this Allocation portion new to the report?"

Wayne: "No..." (What the f**k are you talkin' about?!)

Panda Lady: "I don't noticed this part, where it is all spread out like that."

Wayne: "Remember when we had our training? I show you guys several times on how I do that part of the report." (Stupid b*tch, you never paid attention to the training!!)

Panda Lady: "Uh... I remember you doing that..."

Wayne: "Pretty soon, you will be doing this too. Remember, you're my backup when I'm on vacation." (I show this to you about 10 times already, ever since I started working here. You moron)

Panda Lady: "I'm not doing it."

Wayne: "............." (B*tch!)

Panda Lady: "Isn't this CeCe's job?"

Wayne: "The Boss pulled CeCe out of this role. You're my backup." (B*tch!)

Panda Lady: "Oh..."

Wayne: "Yep."(Take that, b*tch!)

Panda Lady: "How about Murant?"

Wayne: "Both of you and Murant are my backup. We're a team here. We should be able to do eachother's work when necessary. Remember, when you and Murant are both out on vacation, I was able to do all the reports and works."

Panda Lady: "You're report is more complicated."

Wayne: "I will host another training session." (If you put your f**king heart into it, yeah, you will learn.)

Panda Lady: "That'd be nice."

Wayne: "I will send out meeting invite." (Whatever B*tch!)

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