Wednesday, November 08, 2006

@ Work II

Panda Lady: "Wayne? What is this?"

Wayne: "Huh?" (Oh gawd, what does she wants now?)

Panda Lady: "This Meeting. What is this about?"

Wayne: "Rmemeber yesterday? We talked about this." (I can't believe this)

Panda Lady: "Oh. The Report."

Wayne: "Yeah." (Like, Duh!)

Panda Lady: "I thought we've already established that Ms. Blueberry is going to do the report."

Wayne: "Uh... No....?" (What are you talking about?!)

Panda Lady: "Yeah, we..."

Wayne: (Cutting the b*tch off) "Remember I said this report should be the responsbility of You, Me and Murant."

Panda Lady: "But..."

Wayne: (Cutting the b*tch off again) "Ms. Blueberry is our Director. I don't think Director run reports. We run reports for Director and upper Managements."

Panda Lady: "Okay... So, which conference room?"

Wayne: "A."

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