Monday, June 26, 2006

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This past weekend was pride. And - I have two friends visiting from California. Both of them, I know them from College. (And which was like, light years ago)
They are really, my bestest friends. Anyway, we had Duck (whom I had blogged before) coming... then there's Pero (Whom, I tend to forget to blog about. Since, there isn't really much to write about him. Oh wait, Pero reads my blog. Hi Pero. I didn't blog about because you are too special for me to share to the public... Right. That's right)

And of course, we went to the Pride Parade yesterday. For a while, I haven't been too big on going to the Pride. It was not that I don't have any PRIDE in my about who I am. But I think the over all thingy on Pride has gone way too commercialized. I don't want endless flyers telling me that I need to get my body waxed, or I seriously need to consider going on an all gay cruise.
The only good stuff I get from the Pride Parade were the free beauty product samples.

I have no idea how packed the city can be... On 5th Avenue, at least. There lots of people. Men and Women. Glitters and Ribbons. Music and Flyers. All over the place.

AND of course, I took some pictures. :) I will post them on the next entry.

On Friday, I over heard this conversation while I was on my way back home. And this took place in front of a Dress Boutique Shop.

Woman in her late 40s: "Oh, Look at that dress!!"

Another Woman in her late 40s: "It's Beautiful!!"

Woman in her late 40s: "Looks like the one that you can wear out to dates."

The Another Woman in her late 40s: "Or wear that to have affairs."

Woman in her late 40s: "And to pick up some hot men."

The Another Woman in her late 40s: "Uh huh!"

My... Women these days...

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