Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ah, it's the Pride

Male Model to march in NYC Gay Pride Parade as representatives for here! TV, America's premium Gay Television Network.

We are looking for fun, outgoing guys willing to walk in the parade (shiretless) to help spread the word about our new network.

Please send photo and resume to

It was not until I saw the above post, that I realized it's the time for NY Pride.

Been so busy late, I have been missing out on a lot of stuff that are happening around me.

Duck (My best friend in California) is visiting from California. That's good. I have not seen that boy for ages. (Those of you don't remember, he was my partner in crime when we did the dragshow back in 1999)

Ahh... back in the old days...

Recently got an invitation of my High School Reunion in November.

I don't think I can make it... but it sure brought back memories... On the hotties that I had crushes on.

Well, actually, I bumped into one of them 3 years ago. He got 3 kids... And a wife and was still hot as heck. Which, makes me wonder how many people that I know are married... or remain single.. .divorced.. or gay.

But it was Adam who I want to see... Hrm... Ahh... Oh yeah Oh yeah... Do it again baby, oh yeah... faster.. and.. ops, sorry. Got off track.

anyway, I ain't going. Don't think 3-4 horus of reunion is worth of $400 plane ticket, especially I'm so very much financially challenged right now.

sigh... Feeling sick today... I'm gonna go home...

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