Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Should I be... Offended?

So there are only 2 Asian guys working in our department.

Me, and the other guy, Sam.

Sam is much older than me and has been with the company for 10+ years.

Sam and I have different Job functions.

But anyway.

Just the other day, Sam's co-worker CeeCee came close to my are, to talk to her friend. Who happened to sat in the cubical next to mine.

They chatted away.

After CeeCee's done, and was already on her way back to her cubical, she said "Hi Sam" without even looking at me.

But I know she was addressing though.

For a split second, I felt hard this urage or throwing my phone at the B*tch.

CeeCee: "Ops. I'm sorry. I meant...Wayne."

"You know. Considered the fact that you have been working with Sam for over 10 years. You should already know that not all Asians look the same." I said in my head.

I looked at her, then turn my glaze back to the computer screen.

Damn, I'm filled with Rage these days.

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