Friday, January 20, 2006

You're easy Breezy and I'm Japanesey

"So, did U get sucked off on ur Birthday?"

No Robert, I didn't. But probably this weekend, I'll let you know.


First of all, I would to thank everyone who emailed/text messaged/called and blog-commeted Happy Birthday para moi. Very sweet of yawll~! (and I'm saying this in a Jessica Simpson tone of voice)

Hey yawll
Wanna come and see something
Can't touch, can I get a hand clap for the way I work my back
Tick tock all around the clock drop it
Push ya tush, like that
Can I get a sueee~
Can I get a yee haw~~

So last night, after I got off work, I rushed to the Toy Store @ Midtown and bought myself a toy (ops, almost typed "BOY") that I've been planning to buy since last year.
Then I rushed back down to the lower west side in order to catch our (Sis and I) reservation at...

Ninja New York

First thing of all, I've got to say, this restaurant has to be one of the most Unique Theme restaurant I've ever been. (Actually, it was the FIRST theme restaurant that I ever land my foot on. Uh, the ones at Theme Parks don't count)

After the elevador arrived at the basement level, we were greeted by two Ninjas. Or rather, two guys dressed in Ninja uniform.

The Ninja lead us down to a path to the inner restaurant. At the same time, he would introduce the restaurant in English with Japanese accent. (Did I mention that our Mr. Ninja is African American?)

"So.. Thes es the seakrt passge..."

Then all of the sudden, he burst out in Standard English "Please watch your head."

Which, I thought was kinda weird.

After the Ninja took us to our table (like a mini booth) - he dashed awawy like a real Ninja.


A waiters dressed in a non-traditional Ninja uniform greeted us. She looked really cute.

Our heart bleeds like crazy when we were reading off the Menu. Expensive stuff. Very Expensive. We could only hope that the food was worth the price.

Sis and I both ordered the $50 Kunoichi Course.


First Course - Hiyayako
The dish looks like a SMALL chuck of Tofu. According to our Ninja Waitress, it may look like Tofu, but was actually Gelatin with Lobster.
And how did it taste?
... Very Light. So light, that we almost asked for a bottle of Soy Sauce. But since the chunk was pretty small, we slurpped it up.
I would give this dish a B-

Second Course - Salmon Saikyo
This was a part salad, part Salmon dish. Again, the amount isn't a lot. The salad was the basic winter greens mixed with some sort-of SOUR OIL dressing. It was so sour, that the Salmon tasted ultra sweet after the salad.
The grilled Salmon itself has this... Thick white Sauce... (I know what you're thinking. But it's not it.)
I think of all 5 course, the Salmon was the most delicious dish.
I would give this dish an A

Third Course - Mishima Wagyu Steak
"Medium with Garlic Sauce" - was what I told the Waitress. And indeed, the steak arrived tender, almost melt-in-your-mouth texture. The sauce was wonderful too.
HOWEVER... When you think about ordering Steak at a restaurant, you'd expect it to look like this:

But instead, we got FOUR pieces. F O U R chopped up tingy PIECES.
Then plenty of Potatos.
I gave the Steak an A, but for the amount of food we got... Z-.

Fourth Course - Omakase Nigiri (w/ Miso Soup)
Oh, just 6 pieces of Sushi with a very salty clam Miso soup.
Sushi tasted like Sushi.
But at least the fish was fresh.
I ate my plate.
And my sis's plate. (She doesn't like to eat raw fish)
I gave this course a B, cause I was actually full from all the rice.

Fifth Course - Dessert Choice from the Menu
I got myself the Bon Sai, then the Sis got the White Heron.

Okay, both desserts are gorgeous... But White Heron is like, nothing there to eat. (Let's put it this way... It was like eating 1/8 of a slice of an Apple Pie)
As far as the Bon Sai, it's.... Well, I'm not going to tell you what it is made of... But it's both visually stunning... And you can actually eat some of the stuff on this art piece.

I gave the Bon Sai an A- and the White Heron the F.

After the dinner, sis and I went home.

Took a nice 25 minutes Flower Bath)with Sea Salt... Then went to bed with my new toy. (Oh, yeah, I went to buy the Toy for myself. It was my Birthday present that I gave to myself)

And you must be wondering... How about some PICTURES?

Yes. I took SEVERAL pictures. But the internet connection at home is Down. I can't upload pictures at work... So... As soon as I get my DSL back.... I'll post the photos here.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

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