Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mi Amigos

As planned, after Friday, after I got off work, I was to meet up with my friend Crystal (a fake name, of course. I'm not sure if HE would appreciate that I post his real name online). We met up to buy concert ticket to see him:

Crystal is a BIG fan of his. As for me, I'm still trying to get into his songs. (Hot guy, Hot bod, but... I don't under Korean... And his songs are just not catchy enough) I've been listening to Rain's CD for a couple days, just want to prep myself up for the concert.

Anyway - after we got the tickets... Crystal was like..."Ah, I got some friends visiting... Want to come join us for dinner?"

I already planned to have dinner with Crystal, but wasn't expecting any 'visitors.'

But since I always have a thing for strangers, I nodded my head and mentioned that I'd love to eat them. I mean, eat with them.

While traveling to Congee Village, Crystal and I talked about... I forgot what we talked about.

But anyway, his 'friends' went from 2, to 3, then more.

By the time we arrived at the restaurant, I realized that I've been setup.

I saw Princess Toadstool, FANNY, and Little Songbird.

Then it clicked. They were throwing a Be-Lated Birthday Dinner for me!!!

AHhhh I was so surprised.

Then, Choo Choo Train joined us.

To be honest, I've never really had a Birthday Dinner/Party thrown by Friends. It was usually with Family or with 1 or 2 close friends. But never had *this* many people - people that I actually know and touched. (NOT what you think. Touch as in, friend-ly hugggggged)

Ah... We ate... And ate...

And they got me gifts too!!! (*Gasp*)

I got a CD, Books, Green Ball Stuff, and a BAG!

(Uh, nope. Not *that* bag, but something similiar and more masculine...)


And a CAKE TOO!!!

Hola Papi!!!

After dinner, we had some bubble tea... Then we called it off for the night.

I had an amazing time. It's definately one of my most special Bday ever!!!!

Late at night, I got home... Then sis came up to me.

Sis: "I got you a BIRTHDAY present!!"

Me: "Oh?"

Sis: "Make sure you're free on February..."

Me: "For 's Concert?"

Sis: "Yeah. I bought two tickets and..."

Me: "Oops... I got a ticket too!:

Sis: "..................."

Me: "..............."

Adios Mio!


Finally, here are the photos that I owe you guys. :)

This is the Salmon that I mentioned in my previous entry:

Not a whole lot to eat, huh?

And the Ninjas:

The girl Ninja was our waitress. The flamming Ninja just ran around and greet the guests.

And my NEW TOY:

Isn't he CUTE?? I named him PAW.

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