Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beauty Queen 6: How to be a Floral Fairy

Ever interested in becoming a Fairy?

Or just want to feel like one?

Then this post is for you.

Now, here is a ritual of how to become a Floral Fairy.

Phase 1 Materials:

* Rose Petals.
* Lavender and/rose Rose Essense Oil.
* Honey.
* Lemon Balm Hydrosol (Flower Water)
* CD/Tape Anything that plays music.
* CD/Tape of New Age Natural/Soothing Music.
* Floral Scented Candles.

This phase takes place at night... Before you head to bed.

Let the water (lukewarm) run in the bathtub. Add the following:

2 drops of Lavender Oil
3 Drops of Rose Oil
2 teaspoons of Honey
1/4 Cup of Lemon Balm Hydrosol

Lit the Floral Candles (Flower Scents only! No Fruits! - We're fruity enough)

Dim the light or turn off the light... Let the candle lights bring peace and serenity into the bathroom.

Play your favorite soothing music.

Stand infront of the bathtub.... Inhale...and Exhale deeply...

"Sprinkle" the Rose Petals onto the bath water... At the same time, say... "I'm dah Fairy!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!! Yayyyy!!!! Aiiiyeee... Me-So Prettty!!!!"

Step your right foot into the tub, followed by the left... Then imagine yourself melting like a chocolate Rabbit meting from the hot Summer Sun, into the water.

Allow your body to be covered by the magical bath water, closed your eyes, then sing along to the music.

If you happend to be playing Enya... Then turn the stereo on full blast.

And SING!! Sing your Heart Out! Screw the Neightbors if you think they might hear you.

Let me sail, let me sail,
let the orinoco flow,
Let me reach, let me beach
On the shores of Tripoli.
Let me sail, let me sail,
Let me crash upon your shore,
Let me reach, let me beach
Far beyond the Yellow Sea.

~~~ * ~~~

So the world goes round and round
with all you ever knew
They say the sky high above
Is Caribbean blue ...

If every man says all he can,
If every man is true,
Do I believe the sky above
Is Caribbean blue ...

~~~ * ~~~

Our words go beyond the moon.
Our words go into the shadows.
The river sings the endlessness.
We write of our journey through night.
We write in our aloneness.
We want to know the shape of eternity.

If you happened to be playing Soft Music... No singers and no lyrics...

Then HUM!!! Hum your Heart Out!!!

Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm.
MMMmmmmmmmm.. MMmmmm MMMmmm MMMM uhhhhHhhh

Soak yourself up to 20 or 30 minutes.

Phase 2 Materials:

* A Mirror.
* Your favorite comb/brush.
* Rose Water
* Shimmer Body Lotion
* Lavender Pillow Spray.
* Lip Balm.

After the bath. Dry youself up.

Sit in front of your desk... Look at yourself in the mirror... And comb your hair.

While doing say, chant the following:

"Me - O - Fairy - O! Me - O - Fairy - O!"

Whenever you're ready, splash some Rose Water on your face.

Stand up, then apply the shrimmer lotion ALL over your body. (Yes. In between your toes too!)

Spray some Lavender Pillow Spray onto your pillow... Blanket.

Dive into your blankie, lay your head gentle on the pillow, then apply a thin layer of lip balm onto your lips.

If you're single, then soft chant: "Sooner then ever, My Prince(ss) Charming (or Dazzling) will come and kiss my soft luscious lippppppppppppz."

If you're married/attached, then soft chant: "I'm a sexual beast. Come, Come, Come tongue my "slippery-when-wet" lips..."

Then go to bed.


One of the most important thing about being a Fairy, is GLITTER.

You've got to have glitter.


Phase 3 Materials:

* A bottle of Glitter.

Wherever you go, carry your bottle of glitter with you.


* Do not attempt jump out of the window after you sprinkle the glitter on yourself. The glitter will not give you the flight ability.
* Do not sprinkle the glitter on your friends, co-workers or other family members and tell them that they can fly. Because they can't.

Yeah I know. I'm a freak. But yeah, I've not done this thingy myself. So if you end up trying this, let me know if it made you feel like a Fairy.

***Aromatherapy & Herb Benefits***

An infusion of dried rose petals can be taken for headache and dizziness and, with honey add, as a heart and nerve tonic and "blood purifier".
A decoction of petals serves to treat mouth sores; and a cecoction made with wine invigorates a tired body and also is useful to ease uterine cramps.
The wine decoction used as a mouthwash helps ease tootheache, and used as a cold compress for the forehead, relieves headache; and as a warm trickle into the ear, helps relieve earache.
A cloth soaked in rose vinegar can also be used for headache the same as wine decoction.
Rose honey can be used for a sore throat.

Lavender is a traditional cottage garden plant. Its gray-green spikes of foliage and purple flowers provide color all year. Since the Middle Ages, the dried flowers have been one of the main ingredients of potpourri. Fresh sprigs are included in herbal bunches known as tussie mussies, which have been used for hundreds of years to mask unpleasant odors and ward off illness.
Use an infusion of lavender on insect bites. Dried flowers and seeds are used in herbal sleep pillows and baths for soothing and calming frayed nerves. Lavender oil applied at the temples will relieve a headache. Three flowerheads in a cup of boiling water makes a soothing tea at bedtime.

Lemon Balm:
Lemon balm is an attractive herb with yellow or variegated leaves smelling strongly of lemons. Is is a great addition to any garden since it is very attractive to bees. A tea made from the leaves is said to relieve tiredness, sooth headaches, and calm nerves.
Lemon balm is traditionally used to restore nerves. It helps relieve anxiety attacks, palpitations with nausea, mild insomnia and phobias. It combines well with peppermint to stimulate circulation, and can also be used for colds and flu.
An infusion of leaves makes a refreshing skin toner and can be used in rinse water for clothes. A stronger infusion makes a good rinse for oily hair. Use as a facial steam for dry skin. Dried leaves add a lemony scent to Potpourris.

If you have allergies, honey can be beneficial. If you eat honey that is local to your area, it may prevent your seasonal allergies. Bees use the pollen from local plants and eventually it ends up in your honey.
Honey may also be good for your skin. It has the ability to attract water. You can use honey instead of alpha hydroxy masks because of its high content of the acid. It is also safe for sensitive skin.
You can also use it as a moisturizing mask for your skin as well as your hair. To use it as a conditioner, mix the honey with olive oil. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly before you go outside.
If you have a sore throat, take some honey.Due to its natural anti-inflammatory effect, it will help to heal the wounds more quickly.It also has different phytochemicals--chemicals found in plants and different foods--that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus making it a good substitute for wound dressings. The taste may also take your mind off the pain.

Last, but not least...

Happy Birthday to Me~ Happy Birthday to Me~~ Happy Birthday to Me~~ Happy Birthday to Me~~~~

*Kiss* *Kiss* *Kiss*

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