Friday, August 22, 2003

We Met

Well, I have finally met one of my devoted readers this past Wednesday. (Yes, You, I’m talking about you.) We have planned to meet at Flushing, Queens at 8:30 PM. Since my sister is on vacation, I was thrilled to the fact, that I get drive her car. Anyway, I was really confident that I will be at Flushing right on time. I even have the coins prepared for the parking. Little did I know, I ended up entering the wrong entrance, and went further east of Long Island instead of Queens. By the time I realized that I was heading toward the wrong direction, it was already 8:15…

By the time I arrived at Flushing and finally meet up with my devoted fan, it was already 9:00 PM. I was 30 minutes late. –Oh-My-Gawd- Me? The always on time Me?! 30 minutes late!?

My poor fan, stood there, so patiently – looked back at me. (I will call my devoted reader FANNY from now on, to prevent future harassment from cyber-stalkers. See, I’m so considerate.)

“It is okay.”

“So, how long have you been waiting here?”

“I got here 5 minutes late.”

Oh, okay, so Fanny has been waiting for 25 minutes. And that didn’t made me feel good. I felt so bad. What a way to ruin my grand entrance. –Sigh-

“Sorry, I’m so late!”

The Fanny gave me a little plastic bag-warped object.

Ah, it was the CD that was mentioned in the email. Songs that Fanny wanted to share with me.
And to my surprised, the CD cover art is composed with the photo of my dearest doggie!

Next to the CD, sits a packet of Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.


I was speech less. I mean, I was totally speech less. I knew about the CD, but not this.

“Oh Sh*T.”


“I don’t know what to say.”

Fanny read this article I wrote last month, and he got me the oil absorbing sheets. That was very thoughtful. I mean, super thoughtful. I was totally caught by the surprise.

Most of the time, I consider myself a very ‘claim’ person, where I’m very rarely got caught in something unexpected. Even the blackout didn’t freak me out as much.

But a packet of oil absorbing sheets left me speechless for 35 seconds.

Then we head to dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant. I ordered a bowl of dry noodles with meat sauce and Fanny got a plate rice dish.

I ordered two appetizers. Fried Smelly Tofu and Fried Fish Cakes (Recommended by the Waitress, not bad.)

So, the night went on. We chatted about whatever and whatever and eat the food we ordered.

Just after that we are both feeling full. I noticed the marinated egg sitting on Fanny’s plate.

“You not gonna eat that?”


“Do you have any idea, that the mother chicken spent a very hard time to get that egg out of her ass. Hoping that the egg will one day become a chicken, or used for a purpose. She will cry if she found out that this egg, will end up in trash tonight.”

“I don’t really like to eat eggs…”

“Oh, okay. Don’t worry about it. The mother chicken is probably dead already. She won’t know.”

Then we took a walk around (more like, back and forth) on Main Street… Then around 10:45 PM, we ended the night.

Feeling rather sleepy, I blasted my car stereo with Japanese pop songs… Sang my way back home. (No, I don’t speak Japanese. I blahed along with the music.) And yes, I did manage to find my way back home.

Little did I realize, the to-go box containing the left over Stinky Tofu totally made my sister’s car smell like fart…

* * * * * * * * *

Yesterday (Thursday), I took out a sheet of the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets… “Cool. It’s blue.”

Then I applied it on my forehead and then pad down to my nose, cheeks and all over.

I was shocked to find, that the entire sheet turned ‘clear.’

Yes. After the sheet has absorbed enough oil, it turned clear. See-though.

“Damn, that’s a lot of oil.”

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