Thursday, November 24, 2005

Murder Mystery Fiction: "Thanksgiving Dinner"

Part I, Part II
Part III

In the living room, everyone sat around the table.

Beth: "I would like to thank everyone... For coming today."

Everyone smiled at her.

Beth: "I know, that there are times that we don't get along well... But it's been such a long time... We all want to live happily and peacefully. I want to forgive and forget everything that once troubled us. Let's put our hatred behind... And move on with our lives. Love each other. Be thankful that we have each other."

Pauline: "Lovely dear. Lovely."

Then she turned to Sean.

Pauline: "Want more wine?"

Sean: "Actually, I think I have enou..."

Pauline winked at him... "Don't use your age as an excuse. More wine. More wine!"

Sean: "Uh... Okay." He smiled back.

Kenny: "Hmmmm... This Apple Cider is Yummy!!"

Elnore: "Oh really? I haven't taste it yet."

Elnore reaches for the Apple Cider.

At the same time, Pauline leaned forward to fill Sean's glass with more wine.

All of the sudden, Millo started to bark like crazy.

Mandy: "Millo Millo what's wrong? Are you hungry??"

Mandy crabbed a cupcake from the trap and threw it at Millo. But Mandy missed her aim... The cupcake knocked Pauline's hand and forced her to dropped the bottle... At the same time, Elnora got distracted by the noise and dropped her cup of Apple Cider.

Everything fell on top of the turkey.

Beth: "MY TURKEY!!!!!!!!"

Smoke was coming out of the turkey as the chemicals started to mix.

Beth: "MY TURKEY!!!!!!!!"

The turkey started to turn red.

Beth: "MY TURKEY!!!!!!!!"

The turkey started to move.

Beth: "MY TURKEY!!!!!!!!"

The head-less turkey stood up on its legs.

Elnora: "Ahhhhhhh!!! It's alive!!!"

Sean: "SH*T!!"

Dayln: "Like, Oh my Gawd girl!!"

The turkey grabbed one of the silver knife on the table and sliced Sean's throat with amazing speed.

Sean fell onto the table.

Lisa screamed her heart out and urged Kenny and Mandy to run.

The turkey grabbed another knife and threw it at Lisa. The knife pierced though Lisa's heart.

Lisa fell onto the floor.

Elnora grabbed Beth off her chair.

Elnora: "Beth! What did you put in that turkey?!"

Beth: "Mom! I... I..."

The turkey grabbed two knives and threw them at the two women.

William Boyle dashed between them and knives.

The two knives thrusted deeply into Will's chest. Will felt back onto the floor.

Elnora and Beth screamed.

Pauline had dailed the police and was yelling: "Murder Turkey!!! A Turkey Killing us!!!"

Emergency Hotline: "Lady. You're drunk. Please don't call us."

Pauline: "Noo...No... The Turkey is alive... It's...."

Before Pauline could finish her line, the turkey sliced her throat.

Dan, Stephen and Dayln ran and hidden inside of the closet.

Stephen: "I've never seen anything like this..."

Dan: "Bloody Murder!"

Dayln: "Why is happening to us!? Why?!"

Stephen: "If anything does happen... I just want you guys to know that I lov..."

All of the sudden, the door got cracked open.

The turkey stood in front of the three men...

The turkey jumped into the air.

The men screamed.

The turkey sliced all three men's throat before it landed on its two leg.

Stephen fell on top of Dan, and Dan fell ontop of Dayln.

Dayln: "Ah... I.... I didn't realize... It's... It's a... Mikasa Knife...."

Dayln spoke his last word with his last breath, then died on the bottom of the two men.

Dow stiar, Elnora and Beth strugged to escape from the house. But before they had the chance to run out of the front door, the chemically altered turkey grabbed the women's feet and dragged them back into the dinning room.

Beth: "Mommy!!"

Elnora: "BETH!!!"

Turkey: "GOBBLE!!!!"

Then the turkey sliced the women's throat and left their bodies in the pool of blood.

Kenny and Mandy shivers under the piano table as they held onto each other tight.

Mandy: "I'm s....scared..."

Kenny: "Shh... Shh... the turkey will hear you..."

Mandy: "Mommy and Daddy..."

Kenny: "Shhhhh!!!"

All of the sudden, they saw the turkey walking toward them.

In its hand, the blood dripped from the edge of the knife.

Mandy backed up. "Kenny... It's coming!!"

Kenny: "I'll... I'll protect you!!!!"

The turkey raised the knife before it had the chance to strike... Millo jumped in front of it.

With a swift move, Millo bite one of the turkey's wings off.

Turkey: "GOBBLE!!!"

Millo: "WOOF!!!!"

The turkey took a swing at Millo, but Millo dodged the attack.

Millo then took another bite at the turkey and bite its leg off.

Turkey: "Gobble!!"

Millo: "Woof!!!"

The turkey fell on its back.

It struggled... But couldn't get back up.

Then... Millo ate the damn thing.

Kenny and Mandy craw out of the pinao chair... And watch Millo lick the turkey's bone clean. (*Note* The mixture of all the poison mutated the Turkey, but also made it safe to eat.)

Kenny: "Let's go."

Mandy: "Where? To where brother?"

Kenny: "Uncle John's turkey farm. We can produce our own turkey solides and dominate the world."

Mandy: "You'll be the King. And I'll be the Queen."

Kenny: "You can't. You're my sister. But you can be the Princess."

Mandy: "I thought that's Uncle Dayln."

Kenny: "Well, He's dead now. So, it throne is yours."

Mandy: "Yay!"

Kenny and Mandy, hand in hand, with Millo on their side, walked toward the Sunset.

The End

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