Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Murder Mystery Fiction: "Thanksgiving Dinner"

Part II

Outside of the backyard. Beth showed off her gardening skill to Pauline.

Beth: "Aunt Pauline, I have my own Rose Garden over there. And next to it, it's my Aloe Vera farm."

Pauline lits a cigarette.

Pauline said in her raspy voice: "I don't give a rat's a$$ about your vegetables. I just had to get out of there. Let me tell you, that man is bad news."

Beth: "I... I don't understand."

Pauline: "Let me tell you something. Sean Zenders..."

Female Voice: "Oh Beeeeeeettttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Beth and Pauline turned to the source of the voice.

A woman in her 50's walked into the yard. Next to her, stood an older man.

Beth: "Mom!!"

Beth ran towards Elnora Boyle, then hugged her tight.

Elnora: "Oh darling, how have you been?"

Beth: "Good Mom. Good!!"

The man took a step forward and reach out his hand.

William: "Hello Beth. Good to see you again."

Beth gave her step-father a faint smile.

Pauline: "So I see. So this must be Mr. William Boyle."

Elnora went and gave Pauline a kiss on the cheek.

Elnora: "Oh Pauline, so good to see you. Yes. I'd like you to meet my... Husband. Will."

Pauline eyed William up and down.

William extended his hand to Pauline. "William Boyle. You must be Pauline. I have heard a lot about you."

Pauline blows a puff of smoke at Will. She grinned then leaned close to shake Will's hand.

Pauline: "Pauline Katz. Usually I would add a 'Boyle' at the end of my name. But my late husband left me some months ago. So, I'm single now. Nice meeting you."

Elnore glares at Pauline.

Elnore: "So I see. You haven't change much."

Pauline giggled. "Loook at you. Getting all nervous. I just want Willie to feel... Comfortable."

Elnore: "Well, that's my responsiblity. Not your concern."

Beth: "Uh... Let's... Let's all go back in."

Pauline: "I'll be out here for a while. You guys go ahead."

Back in the house. Sean came out of the kitchen to greet Elnora and Will.

Elnora: "Sean. Long time no see. Still looking good for an OLD guy."

Sean: "Silly Elnora. You're not bad yourself. You and Will make a very handsome couple."

Elnora giggled.

Beth: "Well, the dinner is almost ready. I wonder if Lisa and her family are on their way?"

Will: "They are. Lisa called me before they left."

Elnora: "Stephen is coming too."

Beth: "Are they getting back together?"

Elnora: "I doubt it."

Beth: "Too bad... Where's Dayln?"

Will: "He left the house before us. Not sure where he went. But he will be here."

Beth: "Okay..."


At the gas station, the Smith's stopped to fill up the car.

Lisa: "You should have filled it yesterday. I don't want to be late."

Stephen: "I was busy yesterday."

Lisa: "Busy? Busy?! With HIM?!"

Stephen: "None of your business..."

Lisa: "YOU..."

All of the sudden, a motorcycle pulled up close the car.

Dan: "Hey Stephen."

Stephen: "Dan!"

Lisa: "Hi... Dan...?!"

Dan turns to Lisa. "Dan Siglio. I'm Beth's husband."

Lisa: "Ah... Oh.. Hi... Nice to meet you."

Stephen: "Dan and I worked at System-Tech before I transfered to Fenzy Inc."

Lisa: "So you two knew eachother. Well, it's such a small world!"

Dan: "Must be."

Stephen: "How come you're not home helping Beth with the dinner?"

Dan: "She can handle it. I've got some personal business to deal with... Will join you guys later tonight."

Stephen: "Alright then."

Stephen gave Dan another warm handshake and then watch Dan rode off on his motorcycle.

Lisa: "Dan looks a lot younger than Beth."

Stephen: "He is. I think he's either 30 or 31."

Lisa: "Wow, 10 years younger than Beth!!"

Kenny looked out from the car window. "Mommy, I gotta go pee..."

Lisa went to help Kenny out of the car.


Back at the house, Elnora dragged Beth to the side.

Elnora: "Honey, so tell me... Is Dan treating you well?"

Beth: "Why does everyone ask me that question?"

Elnora: "Because... Sweetie, you don't look too... Happy."

Beth: "Mom..."

Beth broke down in tears... Elnora wrapped her arms around Beth.

Elnora: "What's wrong dear, you've got tel me what's wrong."

Beth: "Dan... Dan... He... He...He doesn't want to...""

Elnora: "He doesn't want what?"

Beth: "He..."


Dan stopped his motorcycle in front of a bookstore.

A man in his late 20's saw Dan from inside of the store, then he walked out.

Dark brown hair & crystal-deep sea blue eyes. Dayln looked nothing like his older sister. His 6'2" frame brought out the best of his defined althetic body.

Dayln went to to Dan and gave him a big hug.

Dayln: "You're late!!!"

Dan: "I ran into your other sister."

Dayln: "Stephen's..."

Dan: "Him. And the kids. All of them."

Dayln: "They're all going to the dinner?"

Dan: "Yeah. You got the stuff?"

Dayln pointed at his left pocket. "Yep."

Dan: "Let's go!"

Dayln hops onto the motorcycle, behind Dan. He wrapped his arms around Dan and held him tight.

Dan: "Ready Boy?"

Dayln: "Always!"

Dayln gave Dan another squeeze before they headed back to Beth's house.


Back at Beth's house. The Smith family have arrived. Every one gathered at the living room, socializing.

Except Pauline and Sean.

Pauline: "I can't believe you're here."

Paulines spits.

Sean: "Why not? Besides, You will owe me..."

Pauline: "I don't owe you anything. Our deal is done."

Sean: "Not quite. You only paid 80% of what you promised."

Pauline: "Not my fault. I thought my ex-Husband would have more money in the bank..."

Sean: "A deal is a deal. You better figure a way out to pay me the rest of the money, or else... I will let everyone know that you murdered your husband."

Pauline: "YOU are the one who killed him. You're the murderer!!"

Sean: "But you hired me. I can bring both of us down."

Paulnie: "You OLD bastard!!!"

Sean: "Old? Please. You didn't complain when we're in bed......"

Pauline: "Shut up. Okay. Fine. I'll wire the money to your account."

Sean: "Why don't you do it now? Call the bank."

Pauline: "They're closed. It's Thanksgiving, for Gawd's sake."

Sean: "The 24 Hours emergency hotline."

Pauline looks at Sean... She tighten her fists...

Sean: "How about a bonus? If you do that right now... I'll help you to get rid of Elnora... I saw the way you looked at Will Boyle..."

Pauline: "...Deal."


In the living room, Kenny and Mandy played with Millo. While Elnora, Beth and Will took all the food out from the kitchen and placed them on the table.
Lisa and Stephen prepared the the silver wares and napkins.

Dan and Dayln arrived shortly and joined the family.

Beth: "Dan, so you went to pick up Dayln?"

Dan: "Yeah. He needed the ride."

Beth: "Oh, why didn't you say so? We could have gone picking him up togheter."

Dan: "Then who's going to prepare the dinner?"

They laughed.

Millo started to run around the room, and everyone was enjoying each other's company.


Dan and Dayln went out to the front yard together to take a smoke.

Stephen joined them moments later.

Dan: "Hey Stephen."

Dayln: "Stephen! I missed you so much!!!"

Stephen: "Me too. I think about you every day!"

Stephen went and kisses Dayln on the lips.

Dan: "Don't leave me out."

Dan leaned in and joined the kiss as well.

They broke the tongue lock before anyone could see them.

Stephen leaned back... And asked..."So, Dan... Did Beth know..."

Dan: "I think so. We haven't had sex since we got married."

Dayln: "But we have sex whenever he visits."

Dan: "That's the reason why I marry Beth. So I can get close to Dayln."

Stephen: "You're such a USER"

Dan: "What about you? Does Lisa know that you're gay?"

Stephen: "She knows I'm seeing another Man. But she has no clue that I' seeing Dayln."

Dayln: "And Dan."

The three men laughed.

Little did they know, Beth had been observing them from second floor.


Back in the living room.

Sean: "Who wants Apple Cider?"

Elnora: "Oh! I looooove Apple Cider!!"

Kenny: "Me too. Me too."

Mandy: "I want Apple Cider too!!"

Sean smiled then went to the kitchen. As he carefully pour the Apple Cider into the glass cups... He reached into his pocket and took out a yellow tablet.

He threw the tablet into Elnora's cup and whispered..."Ah, Elnora, I knew thee well... Too bad, it had to come to this."

As Sean went back to the dinning room, he saw Pauline was walking around the table, with a bottle of red wine in her hand.

Pauline: "Oh Sean. I'm sure you would like to have cup of this fine Red Wine."

She smiled at him.

Sean: "Actually... I got myself a cup of Apple..."

Pauline: "Oh please. You are not going to turn down a lady's offer, are you?"

Sean smirked. "Then I'll have a cup, at your request."

Pauline gave the bottle a light shake, then pour the wine into the glass.

Beth, who was sitting at the table, noticed that Dan had his sight on Dayln the entire night. And Stephen, had been looking at them both as well.

Her breath got heavier and heavier... All of the sudden, she had made up her mind.

Beth: "Oh, wait, this I forgot to apply an extra layer of frosting on the turkey!!"

She grabbed the try of Turkey and rush back into the Kitchen.

Lisa: "Beth, need help?"

Beth: "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lisa sighed as she sat down. She looked at Elnora.

Lisa: "She still hates me..."

Elnora: "Oh dear. I'm sure she's not. She's just stressing out from the dinner."

Lisa nodded.


In the kitchen, Beth took out the remaining Chinese Herb and sprinkled them all over the turkey.

She murmered... "I knew it. I knew it. I knew it!!! Bastards. Dan, this is going to end. All of this will end. ALL of US!!!!"


Stephen: "Oh my. I forgot. We've brought desserts!!! Let me go get them..."

Dayln: "I'll help!!"

Stephen and Dayln went out the car... And opened the trunk.

Stephen opened a box full of cupcakes.

Stephen looked at Dayln, then nodded his head.

Dayln took out a packet of white powder, and sprinkle them on the cupcakes.

Stephen: "Make sure Dan doesn't eat any of these."

Dayln: "Oh, he konws."

Stephen: "After tonight, it'll just be us three. And no more pretending and acting. We will live happily ever after."

Dayln: "Like the fairy tale."

Stephen: "Yes. Fairy tale do come true!"

Stephen closed the trunk, then they headed back into the house with the cupcakes.

To be continued...

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