Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Murder Mystery Fiction: "Thanksgiving Dinner"

Part I

Beth, walked out of the SuperMarket carrying 3 bags in each hand.

Smiling, she said to herself: "Sage and Lemon Grass. Got them. Honey and Fresh Craneberries. Got them. This is going to be an amazing Thanksgiving!!"

Amazing indeed. Because this year, Beth and her husband had invited some people that they have not seen for the longest time.

The Smith Family:

Lisa Boyle Smith, Beth's 1/2 sister. (33)
Stephen Smith, Lisa's Ex-Husband. (35)
Kenny Smith, Son of Lisa and Stephen. (12)
Mandy Smith, Kenny's younger sister. (8)

The Boyle Family:

Elnora Boyle, Beth's Mother. (56)
William Boyle, Beth's Step-Father (62)
Dayln Boyle, Beth's gay brother. (28)

The Katz Family:

Pauline Katz Boyle, Beth's widow aunt. (58)
Millo, Pauline's pet chihuahua. (2)

The Zenders Family:

Sean Zenders, Beth's Uncle & Ex-boyfriend for 3 years. (76)

At least the weather wasn't bad. Beth waited patiently at the Bus Stop.

While waiting, she planned out her cooking order, so the food will be ready when everyone arrived.

Then her cell phone rang.

Beth: "Hello?"

Dan: "Hey Honey, it's me."

Beth: "I'm waiting for the Bus. I should be home in 20 minutes."

Dan: "Okay. Listen, I'm heading out to get something, probably won't be back for an hour or two... If I couldn't get back in time, don't wait on me to start the dinner."

Beth: "Well, just try your best to come back. The dinner will not be the same without you."

Dan: "I love you honey."

Beth: "Love you too."

Dan: "Love you more."

Beth: "The bus is coming. I have to go now."

Beth hung up the phone.


Dan hopped onto his motorcycle and put his helmet on.

He whispered to himself: "Yeah... Beth... It's going to be a fun night... Muahahaha..."

Dan started his motorcycle and went on his way.


Just as Beth got off the bus, she saw a man standing in front of her house.

Beth: "Sean!!"

Sean Zenders, turned his head and sees Beth running toward him.

Sean: "Beth. Long time no see."

Beth: "You... You're way too early!! I haven't prepare anything yet."

Sean: "That's why I'm here, darling. I'm here to help you."

Sean wrapped his arm around Beth as they walked into the house together.

At the same time, the Smith Family were on their way to Beth's House.

Stephen had his hands on the wheel. He constantly looked into the rear mirror.

Lisa: "Stephen, please. You're making me nervous."

Stephen: "What? I'm just a careful driver, okay?"

Lisa: "I know. But... Sigh, Anyway. Thank you so much for coming."

Stephen: "I'm doing this for our kids."

Lisa looked back and saw Kenny and Mandy sleeping on the back seat.

Lisa: "They're like two angels when they're sleeping."

Stephen: "At least, we can have some peace before we get to Beth's house."

Lisa: "Beth... I haven't seen her for... Almost 5 years now."

Stephen: "Are you two still fighting?"

Lisa: "I don't know. We'll see."

Stephen: "Alright."


Back at Beth's house. Sean helped her preparing the food.

Sean: "What do you want me to do next?"

Beth: "Mix the herbs with Butter, then rub it on the turkey."

Sean: "Okay. Where's the stuffing?"

Beth: "I'm making it right now. Oh, Sean, can you hand me that bottle of honey?"

Sean grabbed the bottle and hands it to Beth. As Beth's hand reached for the bottle, she fingers came in touch with Sean's hand.

Beth looked at Sean. Paused. Then grabbed the bottle from him.

Sean: "Ah, Beth... It has been a very long time.... How... How old are you now?"

Beth: "Turned 45 last month... Time flies..."

Sean: "Ah... I still remember you when you were 22... So young, beautiful and..."

Beth: "Please Uncle Sean. I'm Married now. Let's not talk about the past."

Sean: "But I turn you into a real woman. I taught you everything you wanted to know..."

Beth: "Stop it. Let's not talk about this, okay?"

Sean: "You've always enjoy being in my arms..."

Sean tenderly applied the herb mix on the turkey. He gently massaged the turkey.

Sean: "Your skin was so soft... And smooth..."

Beth: "Sean. If you don't stop, I'll have to ask you to leave."

Sean sighed.

Sean: "Is Dan treating you nice?"

Beth: "Dan is... Dan is great."

Sean: "You sure?"

Beth: "It's really none of your business, Sean."

Sean: "I care because I'm your Uncle."

Beth: "........."

Sean: "So...? Is he treating you nice?"

Beth: ".... Yes."

Sean: "Okay. Is the stuffing ready?"

Beth: ".....S...Stuffing? Oh yes. Almost. I just need to put one more spice into it. I got it at a Chinatown Herbalist Shop."

Sean: "What is it called?"

Beth: "Uh... I'm...Not sure. My neightbor recommanded it to me."

Sean: "I see. Well, I'll be looking forward to see how the turkey turns out."

Beth had a look of concern on her face. She nodded and continued to rub the spice into the stuffing.


2 Hours after.

Sean: "Okay Sweetie, where do you want me to put the tuna salad?"

Beth: "Sean. I told you, don't call me that... Put it next to the grilled veggie."

Sean: "You're still a very sexy woman. I'm really turned on by you..."

Beth: "Stop it!!!!"

Then the door bell rang.

Beth went up to the door and opened the door.

Stood in front of her was a woman in her late 50's. She carried a Chihuahua in arms.

Beth: "Aunt Pauline!"

Pauline: "... Who... Who is this?"

Beth: "It's me, Beth!!"

Pauline: "Oh Right. Oh Beth!! I'm sorry, I'm still trying to get over the passing of my late husband..."

Beth: "Awe. I'm sorry. Please, come in."

Pauline stepped into the door.

Pauline: "Oh, smells so good in here!!!!"

Pauline dropped Millo onto the floor.

Millo yaps and ran into the house.

Beth: "Oh. Uncle Sean is here too. I don't think you've met Uncle Sean..."

Beth took Pauline's hand and took her to the kitchen.

Sean turned his head and saw Pauline.

Pauline: "...Sean? Sean?! Sean Zenders?!"

Sean: "P... Pauline?"

Pauline: "What are you doing in here?!"

Sean: "I'm Elnora's cousin. Beth's Uncle."

Pauline: "... Well, it's a small world, huh?"

Pauline turned her back to Sean.

Pauline: "Beth, would you kindly give me a tour of your lovely house?"

Beth: "Sure. No problem."

Beth sense an uneasy tention between Pauline and Sean. They must have had a history together.

Pauline: "By the way, I brought you a bottle of wine. I'm sorry that the cap is already opened. I got a little thirsty while driving here..."

Beth: "It's okay. And also... You're not suppose to drink while driving..."

Pauline: "Oh, that's right. It's no big deal. I only took a tiny sip."

Beth placed the red wine on the table. Little did she notice, there were some white residue on the bottom...

To Be Continued...

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