Friday, October 07, 2005

Remembrance II: To China

The female love bird and I didn't get to rest much after we've arrived California. We rented a car and drove back to my parents' house.

Everything seemed the same. Except for the empty kitchen counter, the missing basket, bowl of water and crackers...

The female love bird still couldn't get over the fact that Elf is no longer with us. I couldn't felt the sorrow in the air around her...

We went to the backyard to where Elf's urn was burried. Mom and Dad made special arrangement with the plants in the yard. A small circle of florals and ivy surrounded the 'urn spot.' - with statues of little birds and animals around. (Kinda like a Fairy Ring, if you know what that is.)

Then we went to our room to unpack - and repack for the trip.

My room looked the same - except it was much cleaner than the last time I went home. (Thanks Dad, for cleaning) It was amazing to see all the toys and stuff I had since I was 12 years old, sitting on my desk, around my bed...

I even found some homework that I've done when I was in 6th grade.

Gosh, how memories came back like orgasm.

Then I sat on my bed, flipped open my High School Year Book. I found the pictures of all the guys that I had crush on - but things are so different now. I was like...

"Sh*t, what did I see in him?"

"Molly F**K, I couldn't believe I liked this guy."

"Who is this dumb f**k, oh right, him. I must be blind."

It's strange that my perference changed though the years of becoming a princess.

I used to be a total Potato Queen. (Thanks to the Pool Boy, who cleaned our pool 10+ years ago, was a total hottie) But who knew, my first ex-BF was 1/2 Rice 1/2 Potato, then now - Paw is a big chunk of Rice. (But again, I eat international buffet now)

ANYWAY.... After I finished packing, I joined the rest of the family at the dinning room, where we had some snacky food... Then it was time to get ready.

After we closed all the windows, locked the doors and check that everything was off - we then drove the rental card to the airport.

For the 15 hours flight to Beijing, China.


*sigh* Ever since we came back home from the trip, I couldn't stop thinking about Elf. :(

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