Thursday, October 06, 2005

So Close - Continued

After I came back from Peeing, work has been taking a dreadful take on my corporate slave life.


I don't think my boss likes me anymore.

But anyway, let me resume what I wanted to wrote on Tuesday...

I went to a filming on Saturday night this past weekend. I was casted as "John" - a supporting role who's screen time is less than 3 minutes. (I guess I can call it a "CAMEO" role)

The place took place in Brooklyn, and my call time was 8:00PM. I took the Long Island Rail Road down to Atlantic Avenue Station, then I took the subway to whatever that stop I got off.

I walked my way to the apartment where the filming took place, and rang the bell.

I got up to the fifth floor and knock on the door.

The door opened.

(I type like a FOB now)

I was greeting by a stranger... But I went inside anyway.

Out of the few faces inside, I recongized one. The director/cameraman himself.

"Hi Bee."

"Hey Wayne. Thanks for coming."

"No Problem."

I could see that Bee is still filming a scene... With a big Italian guy and a blonde Russian-like girl.

"Wayne, have a seat. I'll let you know when we're ready for your scene. This is Rose, she will be playing your wife."

(Okay, so I had a Russian wife last weekend)

Then I proceed to introduce myself to the assistant, the makeup artist, and that stronger who owns the apartment. Then I sat on the bed and observed the filming.

As expected. Took them 45 minutes to finish their scene.

I got off the bed and asked...

"Bee, what do you want me to wear? I'm wearing my currant outfit, plus I brought a grey tanktop and a pair of jammy pants...."

"Just your underwear."

I blinked.

(I knew that my 3 minutes fame would be a "BED SCENE" with the lead actress... But UNDERWEAR? Nothing but an UNDERWEAR?!)

(But I wasn't ready for it. It's too early!!)

(I needed more time to work out.)

(Firm up my loosen skins)

(And flat butt)

(I wasn't even wearing my high-end classy speedo-brief)

(I was wearing a pair of cheap 5-dollah-for-3-pairs boxer with 80's style strips)

"Bee, well, if you're only going to film the upper body... I can just wear the jammy pants..."

"Oh no, Wayne, we'll film you climbing on top of Rose."


I paused a little when I heard that.

Based on the script, it was described as me, John, laying next to Rose on the bed, supposed that they just had sex...

"Uh... Okay..." So I took off my shirt, tank top, belt and pulled down my pair of navy blue jeans... Then socks... and then my bracelet, necklace and all other accessories that made me a Princess.

Rose, on the other hand, appeared in front of the bed wearing 'em lovely purple laced bra and thong.

(Okay. I've done intimate scenes with actresses before, but not to the point where we're in panties.)

Then she positioned herself next to me, on the bed.

Bee: "Okay Wayne, get on top of her."

Wayne: "Uh... You want me to press against her from the top? Or..."

Bee: "Just in between her legs. Lift yourself up and give it three thrusts."

Thrust. As in, F**KING her.

Wayne: "Okie Dokie!!" (I tried not to freak out. I force myself to sound casual and professional.)"

So she spread her legs, I positioned myself on top of her, and lift my upper body away from her chest.

Bee: "Okay, Take'em off."

Rose nodded her head, then she took her bra off.


I could tell that Rose seemed a bit uneazy. But then again, later I heard from the gorgeous looking make-up artist that she and that Italian guy had done numerous nudie-scenes the day before, along with other actors. (Uh, Indie.Orgy.Video?!)

But the when the camera started to roll, she turned into a woman... A woman that's being f**ked by a Princess.

I, the Princess, on the other hand, tried my best to look butch.

Heck. I was her husband. I could definately give her three 3 power thrusts before yapping out.."Oh..OH YEAH..OHHHHHHHHHH...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...."

So I did it.

And Bee didn't like it.

Bee: "You've got to be more passionated... "

Then he started to tell me how John (my character) likes it and the reaction and after he ejculated, how he would just fall off her onto the bed and....

Wayne: "Gee, Bee, you are so experienced."

Bee grined, then went to pick up his camera.

I, got back on top of Rose again... Looked into her eyes...(And got a glace of her nipple... by accident)

(I saw the other one)

(Then again)

(And again)

(Did I blush? Not really.)

She was such a fine actress... She was looking into my eyes...

"UH Uh uh ...Oh ..Ohh..Ahhhhh....."

Bee: "Need more. More passion."


Bee: "Good. Good!"

"AHHh..UMmmmmm...Mm...UHhmm...Oh...OHHH...Oh YEAH BABBBBBYYYYYY"

Just was I was really getting into it, it was time for me to fall onto the side.

And I did.

Bee: "Then you look at her with tears of joy rolling down your cheek."

(Tear of Joy? Oh give me a break.)

I sat up, grabbed my bag, and took out the contact lense re-wetting drop.

Bee: "Actually, let's start from the beginning."

Wayne: "Got a spray bottle? If the sex was so great, I need to sweat!!"

Rose giggled a bit under me. (Oh my gosh, I sound so straight right now)

Bee: "Great Idea!!!"

Then the make-up artist came over and hosed me down with a squirt bottle.

So I was sweating, banging a blonde Russian, and had tears of joy rolling down my face like sparkling water fall.

I seriously felt like I was doing a low-budget Porn video. All that was missing, was a can of coconut milk and a plastic tube-pump.

After the scenes were done, it was time to go home.

But it was already passed 10:00PM, and the subway station was locked up near the apartment... I was scared, but I continued to speed walk several blocks until I reached the Rail Road station.

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