Monday, August 22, 2005

The Candy Bowl Diary: Weekly Refresh

Some of you may remember, that I have a bowl of candy at work. And this is the story about it.

So Mag came by my cubical today.

Mag: "I need my morning chocolate fix."

She then proceed and dip her hand into the candy bowl.

Grabbed the "Twix"

Mag: "Thank you Wayne. So, what did you do over the weekend?"

(Mag usually stop by my cube and chat and chat and chat and chat until she has to go back to work.)

Wayne" "Saw RedEye."

Mag: "Uhhh... Do you like it?"

Wayne: "It's okay. Not the greatest, but pretty entertaining."

At the same time, Wayne pulled out a huge plastic bag from down under his table.

Mag: "What is it about?"

Wayne: "A typical Action/Thriller type movie. Similiar to 'The Net' with Sandra Bullock."

Wayne starts to pick up the candy in the bowl and put them into the plastic bag.

Mag: "Oh, I like that movie.... Uh, Wayne, why are you putting the candy away?"

Wayne looks up.

Wayne: "Huh? I'm not packing the candy up. I'm putting them back into the 'Mother Bag' so I can re-shuffle them."

Mag looks into the big back and discover that the plastic bag is filled with candies.

Mag: "What do you mean?"

Wayne tumbles the plastic bag.

Wayne: "Well, people usually eat the top layer after I refilled the candy bowl with goodies. The ones on the bottom will never get picked. They will be sad, right? I mean, these candies spent their entire life waiting to be eaten... So I want to give every candy a chance to get picked."

After Wayne finished tumbling the bag, he reached in a grab couple hand fulls of candy and put them in the glass bowl.

Mag, looks at Wayen funny.

Mag: "Uh... Okay...."

Mag walked away.

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