Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So do you speak...

Oh, Opps. I forgot to upload the photos that I took the other night - when the 3 Asian chicks (You, Me and Him) gathered together for dinner and had dessert.

Ack, I must do that sometime tonight or tomorrow...

The Surprise Guest Blogger #1 at Jase's blog (Jase, I hope you are having fun in Costa Rica) post an entry on Asians from Asia and yet trying to explain to people about what 'kind' of Asian he/she is and from what part of Asia he/she is from and... Heck, go read this entry then you'll know what I'm talking about.

I have a Chinese face. That's probably why people don't usually assume that I'm "Japanese" or "Korean" or.... Maybe they all assume people with black are Chinese and knows Karate.

*AHEM* No, I'm not talking about you. What I meant, is that there are people who are not familiar with Asian countries, their culture, and the unique difference between the dialogues.

However, yesterday at work, I ran into this Lady whom I've never really spoke to. But you know, when you are stuck in the coffee-machine room, waiting for your coffee to be fully dripped by the coffee-machine, you just have to make some sort of conversation.

Wayne: "Hi, Good Morning."

Lady: "Good Morning Wayne. How are you?"

Wayne: "Oh, you know, MONDAY."

Lady: "Ha Ha, I know. Taking Vacation anytime soon?"

Wayne: "Yeah, next month. I can't wait."

Lady: "Where are you going?"

Wayne: "Family trip to China."

Lady: "Oh, that's nice." (Her facial expression actually said "I rather go to Costa Rica")

Wayne: "I'm very excited about it."

Lady: "Do you have any relatives there?"

Wayne: ".......... Uh.... This will be first time I visit China."

Lady: "OOoh... So where you from?"

Wayne: "Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Taiwan."

Lady: "So do you speak Thai?"

Wayne: ".........................."

Wayne: ".............."

Wayne: "......"

Wayne: "uh... No."

I gave her a "me-no-speak-English smile," grabbed my coffee and left the room.
I ain't even going to bother to explain to her.


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