Thursday, July 21, 2005

I wanna Hot Bod

So - I'm sure some of you guys already read about my gut.

The fat tummy.

The tummy that jiggles up and down.

Left and right.

And back down.

The tummy.

The fat tummy.

The bummer is, I'm not much of a gym person. So, like a typical housewife, I do excercise/workout DVDs at home.

Aerobic Striptease Vol. 2 - "FIT TO STRIP" is probably the DVD that I have the most. And now, it doesn't teach people who to take their clothes off. The entire DVD is working out. Doing a crap load of Aerobics and excercise that will leave you moaning on your Yoga matt.

Moaning. Yeah. Because the personal trainer Mike Carson featured in the DVD is hot.

Damn hot.

What a hot bod.

Oh my gawd, Mike, please, do the pelvic tilt! Do the pelvic tilt!!

Aside from the Aerobic Striptease workout, I have also been doing the MTV Yoga DVD aggressively.

And it's like, an aerobic fast-paste Yoga. (Nope. Not power Yoga) - What's amazing about this DVD, is Jess. Jess, the guy who demonstrates the high-level poses... He's got a very delicious body. (Not muscular, but well toned - and he's very... Flexible)

Though out the entire workout session, whenever I look at Jess, I loose my balance and concentration.

Kristin McGee (The Instructor): "Okay, wrap your fingers around your toe, in Yoga toe-lock position."

Wayne raised his right foot and does the Yoga toe-lock.

Kristin McGee: "Slowly, raise and extend your leg."

Wayne extends his leg slowly. Then the camera pans to Jess, doing a more difficult extention.

Oh sh*t. Look at that chest!!

Wayne falls onto the floor.

Kristin McGee: "Inhale and lift yourself into upward facing dog."

Wayne looks at Jess on the screen, and imagines himself doing the same move with Jess... In all sorts of positions and angles...

Yesterday, I got my 2nd-hand Budokon workout DVD in the mail. I popped it in the DVD player, and like, the instructor has a GORGEOUS body.

I mean, oh Gawd. Loook at those pecs!! Ummmm!!! And the Tattoo!! And the Goatee!!! And he's a martial artist!!!

Damn Hot.

So, now you know why I don't go to the gym. I'd probably spend the entire time drool like a pig watching other guys pumping their muscles away.

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