Sunday, July 17, 2005

Beauty Queen #5: Pores

wayne? i need help. how do i minimize the size of my pores??? GAH!

I may have posted this in the past....

Dear Grace,

Due to my unique combination skin. My face tends to be very greasy, oily and filled with black-heads. I have been battling the enlarge pores for ages.

But here are some tips that may be helpful:

First thing, wash your face with cleanser that will reduce oil..(Tea-Tree Cleaner? THere are several anti-shine and oil control fach wash outhere) --- THEN, use FIRMING Masque (Don't use the one with essensce OIL or any other wet/oily stuff. You need to use the mask that will DRY up and SUCK all the dirt out of your pores) --- Then after you are done, just apply oil controlling toner (VERY IMPORTANT on WHICH toner you get... This is the most important step in shrinking pores) ---- Then use Serums instead of cream on your face.

For people trying to control Oil and reduce black heads... The best way to do that, is to keep your skin as 'clean' and 'oil-free' as possible.

The reason why I suggested serum instead of cream, is serum *does not* moisturize skin... As for refining pores... I'm not sure if there are any serums out there that will do that. So, you may have to check with local mall's cosmatic section. (I'm a drug-store product peson... I have very low budget... and the only serum that has been giving me decent result in a healthier looking skin is Oil of Olay's Regen. Serum... But again, I haven't seen any Serums that are made to refine pores)

For combination skin, where there are areas that are dry, and some are oily. Where the serum cannot provide enough moizture to your skin and cause the skin to peel... I suggest that after using the toner, serum can be optional... But use a mattifying lotion. It controls absorbs oil and also moisturize your skin. There are many products out there you can fine that can do this... Products that I've used and liked, include Bath and Body Works' Oat Oil-Control Moisture, Yves Rocher's Deep-Treatment Balancing Gel & No-Shine T-Zone Cream, L'Oreal's Pure Zone Skin Relief Oil-Free Moisturizer and Kiehl's Abyssine Lotion.

Oh yeah, always remember.... EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE!

Good Luck!! And stay Fabulous!!!


Your Fairy

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