Friday, July 15, 2005

So, it's like, Oh my gawd

This is fabulous. Just moi and my onion breathe.
And it just so happened that all of the sudden, people started to come over to my cube and start talk and pretending that my breath smells like Hawaiian mist?

Like, oh my gawd. It's not even funny.

Kinda reminds me that there was this one time, I was at Old Navy's -- looking at the boxers.... All of the sudden, I had the urge to fart.

So I did.


Then there was this pretty petit blond hair girl, walking toward me - probably looking for a boxer for her boyfriend/husband....

Before I could smell my own fart, I took several steps back and faded into the Jeans section.

From the corner, I observed.

The girl walked up to the boxers... All of the sudden, her body tensed up.

I knew she smelled it.

Like Spoiled Egg with maggots.

Her expression looked very uncomfortable. But she kept her arms folded in front of her tummy.

She took a step to the right, as if she was looking the different boxer designs... But her eyes weren't focused on the boxers.

She rolled her eyes.

Gracefully, and gently, she moved herself away from the Boxer Rack with her princess steps.

As if, she didn't smell anything.


If I was in her heels, I'd be screaming and squeaking like a pig.

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