Monday, June 06, 2005

Voyage never ends

Continued from previous post...

And like, Oh My Gawd. Why did I take me so long to post this? I've already got new stuff to write about - yet, I've got to write a closure for the "Voyage" thing.

Hrm, Let me see... Just exactly how much I can remember from the Wedding?




Oh, right.

When my name was called - I got up from my chair and walked to the MC.

He handed me the Microphone.

"Ahem. Hi everyone."

Then there was a moment of silence. Everyone was looking at me.

I looked back.

"You guys are suppose to say HI back."

Some people giggled.

Some people let out some "ha" noise.

For those who couldn't speak or don't unerstand English, they stared at me.


I started to talk about how I first met the Bride - when we were both in the Elementry School... Then I introduced the Groom into my speech when I was talk about how I was stuck in Jr. High School...

I guess one thing about doing this 'speech' - is that I didn't really have to memorize it. I did it while I was on the plane, just a general outline on what i need to talk about. Then, as if I was having a relax conversation with the people in the room, the words squirt out like easy cow milk. (Get it? Me FOB FOB!)

Holding the microphone like a magic wand, I walk around the dance floor... Addressing to both sides of the family and friends, as well as the newly weds...

People laughed.

And more laughters followed.

I'm not sure what exactly was funny about my speech. But people seemed to enjoy it.

"So they were the High School Sweet*Hearts... Then College Sweet*Hearts... AND THEN they're were the Grad. School Sweet*Hearts... And now.... The Sweet*Hearts are married..."

For some reason, I felt something rushing up my body. Warm liquid. (No, not that kind of Warm liquid) ---

I looked at the Bride, and saw her face twitching.

I looked at the Groom, and looked at his wide-opened eyes.

Tears cricled around my eye-sags... Then they rolled down like Ancient Chinese Pearl Cream (melted by the heat)...

"I think it's the Sweetset Thing."

I forced the words out of my mouth.

"I'm so be here... To be..."



Then I didn't remember the rest. By the time my brain decided to come back to the skull, I was already in my seat.

Watching one of the Bride's made reading off her note - her speech, with tears in her eyes.

Okay, I could do it free style. Ha. I won.

The rest of the day, I ate everything that was on the table.

That evening, the Groom's family treated family members and close friends (me) dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.

I ate everything, of course.

The next day, I went out and had buffet with my parents.

That night, I ate all the noodles that my Dad cooked.

By the time I got back to New York, my waist jumped from 32" to 34" - Oink Oink.

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