Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Voyage Continued...

Continued from "Voyage"

Everything was like a dream.

I flew back, plane landed, went straight to try on the Tux, then take them off, went home, sleep, wake up at 5:30AM to get ready, showered, shaved, lotioned, dressed, drove to the Groom's place, rang the door bell, helped hanging the "Just Wed" sign around the house, waited for the Groom, waited for other Groomsmen, waited for the Limo, off we go, arrived at her place, waited some more, ate food, played with the dog, then she came down, and then we all went to the Hotel.

I stood next to the Bride and Groom, along with other Groomsmen, posing for the photographer.

I guess one of the tradition of a Wedding, is to have as many pictures taken as possible. Before the Wedding, during the Wedding, and after the Wedding.

After the photographers had took more than five dozen photos, we've finally get to go into the hall, and attend the Banquet.

In Style.

Jenny, one of the Bridesmaids and I were the first announced to enter the room.

Everyone watched us, her arm wrapped around my arm, walking down the dance floor. I escorted her to her table like a straight man. I mean, like a gentleman. Then I went to my table where friends from High School glared at me like snakes.

"Wayne, where have you been?"

"Wayne, how come you didn't keep in touch with us?"

"Wayne, when was the last time I saw you? Oh, High School graduation. Right. You cold blooded snake."

"Wanta Fanta. Don’cha wanta. Wanta Fanta. Don’cha wanta"

Ops, I didn't know where that one came from. Sorry, I got the Fanta song stuck in my head.

After all the "Wedding Accessories" have seated, the Bride and the Groom entered the ballroom in style. They danced their way in - in their flawless - 6 weeks dance training - steps. As if they were dancing on top the clouds. They glided to the center of the room, hand in hand, without taking their eyes off eachother, and bowed.

The parents get to do their speech first, then my friend from High School, was introduced as the "Matchmaker" of the two, went up to do her speech.

Okay, whatever the "Matchmaker" said, was totally unexpected.

I didn't know there was a "Matchmaker" involved.

I thought they met in the band, not in Math class.

I thought they knew they were neightbors.

I thought he asked her out first.

Oh crap.

I had to change the speech that I prepared on the plane.

Everything was wrong.

I had to think fast.

To be continued...

(Me, before heading out to meet the Groom in early morning)

(As you can see from the photo, I was dead-tired)

(And like, the pale complextion. I should have used my liquid foundtation)

(With SPF 18)

(Maybe some blush on the cheeks)

(And a little bit of tinted lip gloss)

(And of course, Mascara too)