Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This weekend, I had the pleasure to serve as one of the Groomsmen for the wedding of my childhood friends.

Both of them.

I've known the Bride since 5th grade.

And the Groom in 8th grade.

Even though I served more as a "Back-up" Groomsman - but I had one of the most emotional moments I ever had. (I was replacing a flaky Groomsman who wasn't sure of his schedule)

It was like a big reunion. - Friends from High School, College, and Grad. School flew in from all parts of the world. These were faces that I have not seen for 6+ years.

The wedding took place at a beach side - Where from above, we could see the beach goers laying on the sand... Sun-bathing like a bunch of seals. The weather was perfect. It wasn't too hot, or too cold, nor too windy.

As soon as the Quartet started to play Spring Allegro from The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) - My chest tensed up. It was time for the Groomsmen to follow that path up to the alter - and formed that beautiful precise 45 degree angle. (That's the purpose of the Groomsmen. We were like the decorations that mades everything look proportional)

I was the very last Groomsmen. I followed the dude that was before me - like robots, we marched forward.

After we've assumed our positions - It was the time for the Bridesmaids to flock down one after another - followed by the little flower girl who seemed to be lost among the adults.

The Matron of Honor waved at the flower girl.

"Come, Come. Come stand next to me."

The flower girl looked at her with a confused face. Then she walked forward.

THe Bride, in her strap-less GORGEOUS wedding gown, her hands in her father's arm, walked though the people, slowly.

Her face flushed with joy.

For all these years I've known her, she looked even more beautiful than before. (And the Groom looked the same like always.)

It was at the this Wedding, that I learned 10 years ago, on the same day, he proposed to her.

10 years, like they have planned, that they will get married.

Within these 10 years - that their feeling for eachother remained strong as before.

I've been watching them two of them - together, as an item since High School.

They went from being the High School sweet*hearts, to College sweet*hearts - and then the Grad. School sweet*hearts.

Even during Grad. School, they managed to come to New York and have dinner with me.

These images from the past flashed across my mind as they exchanged the wedding rings at the alter.

The tears have been rolling in the back of my eye balls almost went spewing out as if they were squirts of a water gun.

Sniff. Sniff.

Before I had the chance to cry, my nose started to run.

Sniff. Sniff.

It was so sweet. It was the sweetest thing ever.

My heart melt during the Lighting of Unity Candle... The Quartet busted out a beautifully arranged song "Voyage" - a Japanese song made famous by Ayumi Hamasaki. The Groom re-arranged this pop song into such amazing orchestra piece. (Their favorite song, by the way)

The two exchanged kiss - holding eachother hands...and everyone cheered.


We're on this voyage to find happiness;
See? A smile looks good on our faces.
These beautiful, fragile days
Are brought back, unfaded.

In the season of stunning bright ocean
And in the sean which the snow fell
Whenever I turned around,
You were always there.

We're on this voyage to find happiness;
Everyone is a traveller,
With wounds that can't be healed.
See? A smile looks good on our faces.
How many times did we loose our way?
Every time, there was a warm hand
And you were the one who held it out to me.
What will we remember
At the end of this long voyage?

Everyone is a traveller, searching for love;
Let's go together until we've had enough.

Thank gawd that we didn't have to sing this direct Japanese-to-Engrish lryic of "Voyage."

To be Continued....with photos, of couse.

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