Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Full-Day

****This post was meant to be posted last week, but as you all know, Wayne is a flakey queen... So, here it is****

Had the pleasure of meeting Pua in person, for the very first time. Even though there were few obstacles that were in the way (Damn hotel elevators!!), but we managed to overcome all that. Just as I expected... She's as sweet as a very sweet honey comb. Fabulous personality!!! (And Oh My Gawd, she has the voice of an Angel!!) I also get to meet her talented beautiful daughter. :)

It's always an amazing experience of meeting the face behind the words.

Unfortunately, with the limited time given, we had to end our meeting sooner than we wanted. But I'm sure there will be more meetings in the future. (Since she lives 20 minutes away from my Cali home.)Hrm.... Boba Anyone?

What a great afternoon for the sunny Saturday. After meeting with Pua, I called up with my CHILDHOOD FRIENDS from Boston, to see where in NY they want to have dinner. (They were visiting) Instead of Queens, we ended up eating in an over-rated Korean Restaurant in the city... Afterwards, I tagged along with the others to a desert place (a bar).... And then it got really late... I was very tired and sleepy (11:45 PM) So I decided to go home... I said bye bye bye to them and then started walking toward the subway station...

And of course, being the 1.5 year New Yorker, I ended up lost some where between the dark streets. I continued to speed-walk toward the direction where I can see the "lights across the sky." (Basically, Time Square. It's so bright, that the clouds in the sky reflect the light. Las Vegas has the same effect.) So I walked from the Upper East Side to Time Square, and then from there, I took the subway down to Penn Station. (My Toes!)

By the time I reached the Penn Station LIRR level, it'd already passed the train schedule... So, I waited for 40 minutes at the waiting area.


Did I mention that I was sleepy and tired?

Then the train arrived... I dragged my tired body onto the train and collapsed on the chair.

Couple more stops, and then I'm home. I said to myself.

Just a couple more...



I opened my eyes... And felt the suction of my contact lenses against my eye balls.

Damn Dry...

Just... Just one more station....



My eye lids popped open and I jumped up from the seat.

OH MY GAWD... I MISSED MY STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed in my head.

I grabbed my bag and jacket and rushed out of the closing Train door at the speed of light. (Ninja Dash!)

Meow Meow Place... Meow Meow Place... Meow Meow Place!!! Noooo....

"Meow Meow Place" is one of the minor little stations that the train RARELY STOPS during the week days. As for the Weekend Late-Night schedule, it was probably the last stop of the day.

I looked down at my cell phone..."2:14 AM"

It was too late... Too late to call a Car Service... (I didn't have enough money on me as well)... It was too late... And I didn't want to call my sister and wake her up from her sleep... Besides, if she found out that I slept-though the station again, I'd be so very embarrassed.

Meow Meow Place... Meow Meow Place... What can I do?

I looked around me... Everything was dark... Very quiet... The houses in the area have already dimmed their lights. People were sleeping.

I looked up to the crystal clear sky... Covered with sparkling shining stars.

"Sigh, what a beautiful evening..."

As the wind softly brushed against my face, I looked back down on my shoes.

"Banana Republic, it's your time to do your magic!" I whisper softly and then proceed to walk along the railroad BACK home.

To Be Continued...

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