Friday, July 23, 2004

Joy & Pain & a Lot of Sweat

I was totally going to blog about how exactly; I decorate my flower-shape glass bowl.

Piece by piece. The arrangement of the gem stones and the sugar-free/low-carb candies (Strawberry Crème Savers, Raspberry N' Cream, Peach N' Cream, Orange N' Cream, Mixed Fruit Summer/Spring Fruits, Berry Sorbet and Butter Toffee).

But I felt the need to write about last night.


Last night.

I had a great Japanese Food session with the My-Brother-Killed-The-Turkeys-Man.

Then we went to THIS place to meet:

(In the order of appearances)...


(Thanks to Patrick, I have been waiting for someone to post the complete list!)

But yeah, it was really great to finally meet the faces behind the computer screen. (Except for you, Byrne, I've met you before... See, yer special!)

And then I was on my cell phone for 40 minutes. (Sorry guys, I just couldn't hang up on him --- No, not Him, this Him is my friend from the west coast)

But like always, I was feeling really tired.... Wish I had the energy to totally grove to the music being played at the bar... (And yeah, Michael, your "DO You Believe In Life after Love" still echoes in my head)

And, Pat, thank you for the buying us the shots. Sorry, I wasn't in the best shape of my life... But next time, I'll take double an-acid, and take a nap in the Office Bathroom before joining you guys... And I'll drink some.

And wow, Nicole, you are so pretty!!

Even when you were checking out the man who exposed his white brief, you observed it with class. (And I wanted to pour my Ginger Ale on that guy to make his underwear see-through... So we can see the crack)

What a friendly bunch. ;) I had a great time, really.


I had to catch the train.... So....

Lots of Muahs and Hugs....

Then I speed walk to the Penn Station.

And jumped into the train before the doors closed.

Then I found myself a seat and sat my sweaty self down.

And a girl came, and asked if she can sit next to me.

"Oh sure."

She sat down and then for some unknown reason, she raised her left arm and places it under her head.

This, totally exposed her left armpit at me.


Pretending to be sleeping, I leaned my face against the window.

Taking in as little air as possible... Tried not to think about I was next to a big armpit.


I fell asleep.

Deeply asleep.


All of the sudden, my eyes popped right open.

I look out.

And saw my station moving away....

The armpit has gone off the train.

But I didn't.

"MeowMeow Place"

Nope. It was a small stop. No train will stop at this station this late in the morning.

I waited for the next station.


I got off as soon as the door snapped open.

I pull out of the train schedule and discovered the next train will not arrive until 49 minutes.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a passing Taxi... I quickly type down the taxi service number in my cell phone....

I called.


"HI. What's the rate of going from BlueBerry to MuiOyeLa?"

"Eight Dollars."

"Okay, Get me a cab. Now. BlueBerry station."

"Ok, be right there."

There came the Taxi. And the nice Taxi driver took me back to MuiOyeLa station. (OF COURSE I'm not gonna ask him to drop me off at the apartment! What if he's a KELLA?! What if... Argh, I think I think too much some times...)

AND OH MY GAWD --- I just got a call for an audition... (Which, I completely forgot what it is about) Now, after digging though my files.... I found out that it was casting for someone who is VERY Athletic and can do Jumps and Flips and All THAT!!

CRAP. I think I submitted my stuff just for the heck of it.

Time for my Power Bar Lunch!! See how much weight I can gain in 2 days...

As for the flip... I can always refer to my back injury...

Yeah.... That...

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