Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Are you a Brief person or a Boxer person?

Everybody is livin it up
All the fellas keep lookin at us
Me and my girls on the floor like what
While the DJ keeps on spinning the cut

It's like that y'all, that y'all
It's like da da da da, I like that y'all

Are you a Brief person or a Boxer person?

People have asked me that question before. I'd usually answer..."Call of the wild, baby. I'd go comando."

But now to think about it. I have Briefs, Boxers, and Boxer Briefs.

No, you moron. I don't wear thongs.

I grew up wearing regular white briefs. My Dad bought me unlimited supply of white briefs back in the old days.

But then, though Mr. ExBF#3, I've learned that men can also wear leopard-printed low-rise brief. And not be ashme to show it off.

I guess after being color-shocked by Mr. ExBF#3, I've become more open minded on the designs on the underwear.

  • Velvet Red brief with texture as smooth as a baby's a$$. Pfft, it's cool.

  • Yellow Duckie patterned brief that resembles the spirit of Easter. Pfft, kinda cute.

  • Royal Purple brief with neon-pink lining. Pfft, that's Hot.

  • (Hrm, I wonder if straight men wear these kinds of brief?)


    Today, I wore a dark forest breif to work. Thought it would match my tie. (But again, who's going to see matching brielf-tie at work?)

    But damn, the weather was so hot, but I felt extremely TIGHT down there.

    It needed air.

    It needed to breath.

    I've got to get myself a pair of breath-able boxer!!

    I struggled though the morning until it was lunch time. Just when I was about to fly out of the glass door and get my lunch break. My Co-Worker Mag called me.

    Mag: "Wayne?"

    Wayne: "Hi."

    Mag: "What are you doing for lunch?"

    Wayne: "Uh... I have to go to the bank..." (and buy some boxers, of course. You want some?)

    Mag: "Wanna come walk with me?"

    Wayne: "Uh... to where?" (No Mag, I need to go buy UNDERWEARS)

    Mag: "Conway. I need to buy some shirt."

    Wayne: "Conway...." (Oh yes. Cheap underwear. Lots of Boxers)

    Mag: "Do you have to go some where?"

    Wayne: "Yeah. I have go to the bank first... But sure, let's go to Conways." (Boxer Boxer I need Boxer!)

    So Mag and I went out together, on our little lunch date. After we arrived at Conway, I let Mag do her stuff... As soon as her eyes started to go from one rack to another rack... I dashed into Men's Boxer heavn and start digging for patterns that matches my tie. (I know, I'm a freak)

    As soon as I got the ones that I like, I ran to the cashier's counter and paid up.

    After that, I waited for Mag to get her clothes..

    Mag: "Oh Wayne, you got something?"

    Wayne: "Yeah. Socks."

    Mag: "Oh okay."

    Wayne: "Yeah. I need socks."

    It's like that y'all, that y'all
    It's like da da da da, I like that y'all

    It's feeling so good down there right now.

    It's one of those... "I'm free!! I'm flyin'!!" kinda feeling.

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